3 Ways a Dog Can Improve Your Retirement

A lot of things can make your retirement enjoyable, and you’ve probably considered most of them — you already know where you want to retire, how much money you’ll have set aside and what you’ll be doing with your newfound freedom, but have you thought about adopting a dog? Decades of research have found a link between canine companions and mankind’s happiness, and this rings especially true for the world’s senior citizens. If you haven’t already considered it, here are three ways adopting a dog can make retirement even better.

They Offer Emotional Support

Isolation tends to be a difficult issue for senior citizens. After years of regular social interaction at work, those in retirement may find themselves feeling lonely and distant from the rest of the world. Fortunately, man’s best friend is an expert at staving off the many side effects of isolation — dogs for seniors can help with depression, anxiety, stress, and even high blood pressure. Dogs bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to keep your mood elevated, and they can offer a bit of extra home security to keep restless minds at ease.

They Help You Stay Active

It’s very easy to fall into poor eating and exercise habits once you’ve retired, but dogs are great at helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Taking your dog out for walks every day, visiting the dog park and playing fetch in the backyard can help you work your metabolism and exercise important muscles on a regular basis without straining too hard; if your dog enjoys being in the water, going for a swim together is another excellent way to stay active. Making the choice to exercise passively encourages you to make better dietary choices, so having a dog can keep you feeling your best for years to come.

They Keep You Company

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason. Each one of these lovable animals has a unique personality and something positive to add to your life, and most people know that they’ve clicked with a dog right away. Some dogs are outgoing and energetic, which is great for people looking for fun and physical activity; other dogs are more relaxed, ideal for pet owners who enjoy a quiet day in. Many dogs love cuddling while others don’t, so it’s possible to find a pet who shares your preference on physical affection.

Retirement is a golden point in life when you can finally make time for yourself. No matter where you go or what you’ll be doing, consider bringing a dog along for the exciting journey of retirement. These amazing creatures can change your life for the better in a variety of ways, and you can give a loving home to a deserving animal in return. When adopting a dog, always be sure that you have plenty of room in your house and regular access to outdoor space; don’t be afraid to do your research and learn how to be a better pet owner while you wait to find your new best friend!