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How To Choose The Right Lipstick?

Let’s be honest; when choosing the right cosmetics, eyes, and lips are definitely the most significant. Lipstick is an integral part of the whole makeup. Thus, you should have a variety of colors. To view more color options, visit They offer a wide selection of lipstick colors. Wearing a fitting one can highly improve your look.

Admit how often you bought the lipstick after seeing a commercial, and it appeared to be a bad choice? I guess every girl has been there. Unfortunately, with plenty of choices, women unwittingly buy lipsticks that do not fit them at all, but they look hella great on that model on TV. Truth hurts, but the same lipstick that fits someone else, may not be a good choice for you.

So how to choose the right lipstick? Below we pointed out a few essentials that can help you find your perfect color. If you’re seeking more beauty tricks, you can find them on Beauty Tap.

Determinate your skin undertone

There are three basic categories you need to consider while searching for the perfect lipstick color – warm, cool, and neutral. It doesn’t matter if you have very dark or extremely white skin. Each of the undertones goes well with specific lipstick colors.

  • Warm undertones: Depending on how light your skin is, your matching colors are peachy, pale pink, intense nude, caramel, even bronze’ ish colors.
  • Neutral undertones: This gives you a broad spectrum of possibilities because there is no dominating shade on this type of skin color. It means you can choose between cool and warm colors.
  • Cool undertones: Depending on how light your skin is, you can choose from the pink rose, slightly reddish colors, as well as wine intense red ones.

The shape and size of your lips

Another factor that should be considered while choosing a perfect lipstick is the shape and the size of your lips. There are a few different kinds of lips and the color techniques that go very well with them.

  • Top-heavy lips – when your upper lip prevails, the trick you should get familiar with is putting bright lipstick on the bottom and a tiny darker color on the upper lip, it will optically even the size of your lips.
  • Bottom massive lips- it doesn’t work the opposite with the upper lips, you should choose the color that matches your undertones and put a nude color in the middle of the upper lip.
  • Uneven lips – the best option is to make lips contour. Pick the shade of the lip pencil similar to your lipstick; it can be a bit darker but never lighter than the lipstick. 
  • Small lips – usually when having little lips, people have highlighted Cupid’s bow, which is considered very sexy. The shape of the small lips is generally good, so what you can do is make them look a bit bigger. Use brighter and glitter lip colors, avoid overwhelming dark ones; it doesn’t look good on such a small surface. 
  • Rich lips – big lips are the dream of every woman. You don’t need to use any techniques to make them bigger, but you have to be careful not to make them look ‘too much.’ Go for more subdued colors instead of the juicy, intense ones. 
  • Flat lips – make them ombre! Draw the outer corner of your lips with darker lip pencil color and fill the center with brighter shade to create an ombre effect.

Your style

The way you dress has a lot to say when choosing the right color of lipstick. Even though contrast colors look good sometimes, you need to match them carefully, depending on the situation. I wouldn’t recommend you put a deadly purple lipstick on your white gauzy dress. Not having contrasts, on the other hand, can make you look overwhelming. For example, if you decide to put on the red dress, and give up red lips, that would not make a good match.

The bottom line

These are the crucial things you should consider while looking for a fitting lipstick. My last but essential advice is – to try the lipstick on before you buy it. The matching colors I suggested aren’t the only colors you have to stick to. Makeup is fun; you can experiment and mix and match different shades of lipsticks. I can guarantee you, that once you put the matching color on your lips, you will know it was made for you.