The Dos and Don’ts of Rocking Statement Jewelry

white pearl beaded necklace jewelry

There is nothing like a piece of statement jewelry to make your outfit or overall look go that extra mile. But you need to make sure to wear it right!

Statement jewelry, if worn correctly, can show off your personality and demonstrate your uniqueness to the world. It’s a sure-fire way to turn heads, but you want to be sure those heads are turning for the right reasons!

In this article, we will go through the dos and don’t of wearing statement jewelry. So you know exactly all those things to consider when rifling through your jewelry box and what to put on.

Do Wear Statement Jewelry That Feels Personalized to You

This is what statement jewelry is all about, it’s making a bold statement that also reflects the type of person you are and your personality.

Perhaps you’ve got a bold personalized choker necklace with your star sign. That’s perfect. That tells people something about you. Paperclip necklaces can also make a strong statement.

Or you’ve got some drop earrings in the shape of your favorite snack or cake or even burgers! This is something that is quirky and interesting and a great talking point amongst your friends.

It doesn’t matter how unusual or different the statement jewelry is, as long as it means something to you then wear it!

Don’t Wear Statement Jewelry With Lots of Bold and Contrasting Prints

You know what they always say, less is more guys! Think about how you are going to co-ordinate your statement jewelry and your outfit.

You want to make sure your statement jewelry is the center point of the look and really pops.

If you are wearing a lot of bold and contrasting prints and colors that statement jewelry is simple going to get lost in the mix. You’ll end up with a busy-looking outfit and you won’t be able to distinguish between all the patterns.

Choosing neutral colors like whites, pastel yellow, and blue are going to compliment statement jewelry especially well. Or a fab black dress and a piece of statement jewelry like a necklace and earrings are going to make that jewelry stand out and take pride of place.

Do Consider All Types of Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry isn’t limited to rings, necklaces, and bracelets these days. If you want to forge your own identity, then why not think about piercings such as belly piercings, nose piercings, or even a septum piercing?

There are some gorgeous pieces of septum jewelry that go far beyond a simple silver or gold ring.

You can get precious stones, skull designs, and delicate pieces that will add that flash of color to your look and outfit.

With septum jewelry being in a prominent position in the center of your face, you can match or contrast your makeup look with your septum jewelry. For example, matching your eyeshadow look to the coloring of the stones on your septum.

Or having a bold red lip to contrast with a more neutral septum jewelry design. This would be a big statement!

Whatever you do with it, you can have a lot of fun mixing your septum jewelry into your overall outfit and makeup looks. It adds another level of detail and variety to your sense of style.

Don’t Overload On The Statement Jewelry

We’ve all been there, piling on the statement jewelry and getting a bit carried away! The problem is that if you rely too much on the statement jewelry, you can end up looking a bit like a Christmas tree!

Refine your look and style, pick one or two good quality pieces of statement jewelry to wear together. There is definitely such a thing as overkill in wearing statement jewelry.

Give those pieces the attention and care they deserve. Let them shine on their own, as opposed to being cluttered by too much jewelry on your body.

Also, think about the space they take up on the body. A necklace and ring are a good combination as they are dressing different parts of the body and draws attention to each part.

An earring and bracelet combination can be just as effective too. The positioning of the statement jewelry can be important in order to allow the pieces the space to be appreciated.

Do Mix and Match Your Materials

People who say that gold should only be worn with other gold and silver should only be worn with other silver is clearly someone who is a bit of a stick in the mud!

There are no formal rules when it comes to mixing and matching gold and silver jewelry. If it is done correctly it can look striking and interesting.

A gold statement ring with a bit of detail can look great with a silver charm bracelet with delicate pieces and charms. It can create an elegant and beautiful look, as well as adding a bit of contrast with the different metal colors.

So don’t be restricted by old, outdated rules, try a few pieces on, mix and match and have some fun with your statement jewelry combinations!

Trial and error before you leave the house is the best way to figure out if certain jewelry pieces go together and compliment each other.

Where Can I Find Out More About Statement Jewelry?

We hope this article has given you some inspiration on how best to wear and compliment your statement jewelry.

Statement jewelry, if worn in the right way, can accentuate and embellish your look and overall personality.

And remember, it’s not just rings and necklaces that you can use to forge your looks, think about branching out into some more unusual pieces to really show off your style.

If you want to know more about statement jewelry, or fashion tips in general, check out some of our previous blog posts.