5 Smart Tips to Style with Wigs

Wigs are an accessory used by cancer patients, people with hair fall problems, and also other people just to save time on styling their own hair manually in different ways. However, the concept of wigs is more complicated than it sounds. You cannot just buy any wig and attach it to your head. Also, you need to keep some points in mind while styling them.

Tips to Style with Different Kinds of Wigs

Wigs should be styled with the utmost care. In this article, we have listed tips to style with various wigs. Take a look at them below:

1. Use Products Designed Especially For Wigs

Whether you have artificial wigs or even human hair wigs, you cannot style them as you would your own hair. You will require products designed especially for the wigs. You cannot use your own regular brush to comb them. Wigs need to be washed regularly like your real hair, but your own styling and conditioning products should not be used. Also, not all wigs are heat-friendly, which means that you should not use your own hairdryer or straightening them. You also should not color them.

2. Put Your Natural Hair Into A Braid

You need to braid your natural hair before placing your wig so that it sits evenly on your head. And if you are planning on wearing your wig for a long time, you will have to secure your braided natural hair with bobby pins or hair bands. Alternatively, your wig can also be sewn or glued to your natural hair. But this is only if you have long natural hair. You don’t have to go through these hassles if you have short hair. Finally, you need to secure your wig with a chin strap to prevent it from moving.

3. Style The Wig On A Mannequin Head Or A Stand

It will be easier for you to style your wig if you place it on a mannequin head or a stand. Also, as not all kinds of wigs are heat-friendly, you should not use your hairdryer on your wig while wearing it to style it. However, it is also safe to style the wig on a mannequin/stand.

4. Conceal The Lace Of The Wig

Full wigs and lace front wigs come with a lace that makes the hairline part look natural. However, you will have to conceal the part of the lace that hangs over the forehead for a natural look. You can do that by cutting that part of the lace front wigs out or concealing it with nude makeup that matches the color of your skin.

5. Choose Your Wig According To Your Occasion And Urgency

Full wigs give you a girly look while bob wigs are versatile ones that go well with both powers dressing as well as retro and traditional looks. Bob wigs also require extremely low maintenance.


To sum it up, taking good care of your wigs while using them is as important as checking different factors like the size and the quality of the wigs while buying them. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind while looking for a wig.