Lifestyle changes that keep your skin healthy and glowing

Many of us, especially women become skin conscious at an early age. We often want our skin to look young and healthy and protect it from possible damage caused by pollution, hormonal disbalance or harmful cosmetic products. Our skin is the largest organ performing several functions. While beauty isn’t just skin-deep, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t want to have a naturally glowing skin. And while we strive to achieve that radiant look, it requires a lot of effort to maintain it. It’s not just about natural cosmetics and expensive products and solutions- the skin reflects our physical and mental health.

Are you aware of the fact that your lifestyle can have a massive impact on the appearance and health of your skin? Many of us skip basic steps that could not only prevent various skin problems but also help to delay the natural process of ageing.

We’ve listed our lifestyle changes that you can practice every day to help you have glowing and healthy skin.

Start a nutritious diet

One of the best and basic ways to get naturally glowing and healthy skin is to follow a fibre-rich nutritious diet. This is because skin imperfections are one of the most common outcomes of problems with digestion. Try to follow a menu that has well-balanced, protein-rich food like fish, white meat and brown rice combined with fruits and vegetables containing vitamin c. Specific food such as dairy products and food rich in acids are said to be potent in causing rashes, allergic reactions and disbalance of the pH skin value.

Keep your skin protected and hydrated

By hydration, we mean that your body has to be well hydrated from the outside and inside as well. While we may think that cleaning and toning the face on a regular basis helps to solve the problem, the truth is that it does not. Cleaning your face more than twice a day may leave the skin dry and irritated. Plan your cleansing routine and in the meantime, remind yourself to drink enough amount of water.

The sun is our friend when it comes to getting our needed dose of vitamin D. However, many of us take things for granted when it comes to protecting our skin from the UV rays. Spending too much time outside and not wearing any sunscreen or protective hat is dangerous and might also be a reason for some serious skin trouble. UV rays are the main reasons for developing skin cancer and melanoma. Consider using a sunscreen with an SPF value of over 45, since it acts as a barrier between the skin and sun rays.

The power of meditation and stress-free life

While this might seem odd at first, meditation does help in getting a naturally glowing skin. It is important to feel fresh and healthy from within in order for your skin to glow. Meditation and yoga help you achieve just that-being healthy from within. Surrendering to stressful routines, being constantly on the run and not giving your body the rest, it deserves will reflect on your skin as well, making it look dreary. This is because stress results in excessive oil production, which in turn results in acne. Take your time and do not underestimate the time reserved just for you. 

Practise at least 20 minutes of exercise or stretching daily, but don’t forget to reserve some time for the things you like to do. Cook something nice just for you, watch an episode of your favourite TV show, play your favourite online game or plan a night out with your friends-everything works. If you like to play games online, check out Jammin’ Jars at SlotsWise, as it is one of our favourite online slot from this type of games.  Spoil yourself from time to time and you’ll soon look better than you imagine.

Don’t forget to be young at heart. While you cannot stop ageing and natural implications like wrinkling, what you can do is change your mindset and try to stay positive. This helps a lot in slowing your ageing, giving you a naturally healthy skin for the years to come.