How to Take Care of Your Hair During Lockdown?

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With hairdressers not being able to work due to the government’s restrictions, you may be wondering how to take care of your hair. This strange time can be used to take care of your precious locks and establish a new hair routine. Below is a summary of actions you can take to improve your hair’s health.


If you have coloured hair, you are probably struggling with overgrown roots or grey hair. However, there are things you can do to improve the situation, root sprays are great to do a little touch up before a meeting or a date night over videocall. For a longer-lasting option, you can choose to dye your own hair at home, although do not expect the same result as a hair salon. Before doing so, make sure to purchase a good pair of disposable gloves, a dyeing brush, a mixing bowl, some makeup remover (for dye stains) and a mirror. Make sure you do a patch test beforehand to avoid any allergic reaction.


It may be tempting to cut your own fringe or split ends, however, make sure you know what you’re doing as there is no going back from your bangs being cut too short or unevenly… If you choose to do so, make sure you buy professional hairdressing scissors because they’re literally made to cut hair and are much sharper than a regular pair of scissors. Always make sure you cut your hair when it’s lightly dampened, laid flat on your back, and with the help of a good trusted friend. Only cut 1cm at first, remember you’re not a professional so take it steady. If you messed up and the damage is done, don’t worry, there are plenty of scarfs, headbands, and hairstyles that can hide or embellish your hair.


Now is the perfect time to do your own hair mask! Make sure you choose the right ingredients for your hair type, for example olive oil or honey are great for damaged hair but eggs and lemon work wonders for oily type hair. Homemade hair masks are good because they don’t contain any nasty ingredients, do wonders for your hair and cost hardly anything. If you’re not into DIY, there are many hair masks out that you can buy online, just make sure to read the labels and to check that it works for your hair type. Leave-in conditioners are also good as they will provide extra moisturise to your hair and help you detangle and style your hair more easily. 

Style it

A professional blowout may be off the table at the minute but there are still ways you can make a great impression for your next online meeting. You’d be surprised what sleeping with wet hair, in a braid, can do to create amazing waves all day long. Try to avoid elastic twisted tightly on your hair as it can damage it and create an uneven wave. If you really want to go all out, you can use your straightener or your curler but as always make sure you apply plenty of heat protector.


Eating healthy is also a good way to maintain strong hair. Junk food and excess sugar can be terrible for both your hair and skin so make sure you maintain a balanced diet. Superfood such as avocadoes (make hair shiny thanks to vitamins and fibre), berries (full of antioxidants, good to reduce breakage), leafy green vegetables (full of folate and iron that help reduce hair loss) and nuts are full of amazing nutrients that will do wonders to your locks.