Where to Buy The Inkey List in the Philippines?

where to buy the inkey list in the philippines

Affordable yet effective beauty products are hard to come by. That is why The Ordinary is very popular. But there’s a new up-and-coming brand, that you probably heard already from the skincare enthusiasts in online beauty groups and influencers. It’s called The Inkey List and before I tell you where to buy The Inkey List in the Philippines, let me tell you something more about them.

What is The Inkey List?

The founders of The Inkey List, a new UK beauty brand founded in 2018, believe that intelligent beauty should be accessible to everyone and beauty products should be easy to navigate and understand (read: no more complicated jargon), so each product comes with its own beauty translator—a basic rundown of what it is, what it can do for you and what you should (and shouldn’t) mix it with. Talk about simple and helpful! But the best part is they have high-quality ingredients yet they’re all just under $15!

Where to buy The Inkey List in the Philippines?


1. Cult Beauty – This is based in the UK and they offer free shipping to the Philippines on orders above £40 (they also have a FedEx option but the shipping fee is £30). But if it is your first order, you’ll get free shipping even if your orders are below £40. And don’t be intimidated by the prices, because they listed it all with an added UK Tax, but if you live outside of the United Kingdom or Europe, the added tax will be deducted before you checkout. And you can also use Shopback here to get rebates. They have beauty brands that are not available in the Philippines like the highly coveted Charlotte Tilbury, Huda, Milk Makeup, and other more cult-fave beauty brands including The Inkey List.


**Don’t forget you can also get rebates when you use Shopback in Shopee.

1. GET UNREADY WITH ME – This shop is run by @yourporeguy, an Asian Beauty Community Philippines member, and someone whose reviews I trust and trust. So I can guarantee you that his products are legit. He sells The Inkey List, The Ordinary, Paula’s Choice, Krave Beauty, Klairs, CosRx, Nature Republic, iUnik, Nacific, Some By Mi, and more.

2. DAYUHAN – One of my go-to Shopee resellers. I check them first before anyone else. They sell hard to find western beauty brands like The Inkey List, Kosas (I bought my deodorant from them), the cult fave Gisou, Glossier, Tower 28, Olaplex (they sell it cheaper than Sephora PH), Rare Beauty, and more.

3. SOLARE – Like the shops above, this is also in Shopee. Besides The Inkey List, they also sell Glossier, Sol De Janeiro, REM Beauty, Rare Beauty, Kosas, and more.

4. SKINS MNL – Another one of my go-to Shopee Beauty resellers. Besides The Inkey List, they also have Glossier, Kosas, Coco & Eve, Olaplex, and even Telfar. Yes, the hard-to-score, mentioned in Beyonce’s Summer Renaissance song Telfar bags.


1. The Beauty Bar – You see them in malls but they’re also available online. I have known this shop since I was in grade school. They don’t only bring hard-to-find Japanese and Korean brands to the Philippines but also western brands like The Inkey List.

2. Sephora Philippines – I love that they’re bringing western beauty brands that are hard to find in the Philippines like Fenty Beauty, Huda, and Fresh, amongst others. And recently, they just added The Inkey List to their lineup. You can get rebates here when you use ShopBack and they offer free shipping to the Philippines on orders Php1199 and up straight to your doorstep, but my problem with Sephora Philippines is they don’t have a local office, Sephora Singapore handles them. So when you encounter a problem it takes them too long to help you or resolve it, and by long I’m talking about almost a month or more! They are notorious for getting addresses wrong like from another person I know, they shipped her order to Roxas City instead to her office in Roxas Boulevard. And in my case, I’m from Luzon and they sent my order to another Barangay in the Visayas that has the same name as ours, TWICE!

3. Today’s Skin – I learned about this store from some local influencers I follow and trust. This is where I bought my Moon Dust, but you can also buy those hard-to-find products in the Philippines such as The Ordinary, Glossier, Sunday Riley, Niod, Moon Juice, Pixi, Embryolisse, and more! For payments, they accept credit cards, PayPal, and bank deposits. They also offer free shipping.


The Globe Trotters PH – They’re the only Instagram reseller that I recommend. I have personally been their customer since 2018, and they’re also highly recommended by the local Asian Beauty Community. They sell Asian beauty products from Japan to South Korea but they also sell some Western-based brands like Glow Recipe, Krave Beauty, The Inkey List, and of course, The Ordinary. Some items are on-hand but a majority of them are for pre-orders. Waiting time depends.

So far these are the shops I know where to buy The Inkey List in the Philippines. If I find more, I’ll add it here.