The Rich History of Stone Island

Stone Island is a cool symbol of identity to its faithful buyers. The Italian fashion house is unique for its men apparel brands. The company focuses on men wear; it’s famous among athletes and music celebrities. There doesn’t exclude any other buyers as it’s a well-known and quality brand.  The emblem is a trademark for identification. Going from green edges badges, white badges, and black-edged badges. Stone Island clothes products are rich in durable fabrics and modern-cultural designs.  The brand is a multination fashion house that embraces men’s dignity.

Stone Island is more than a brand name. The company is a symbol of innovation and uniqueness, quality, and designs. Since 1982 with the owner Carlo Rivetti hailing from a family line with the DNA of the clothing industry.   With the formalwear in the market, Carlo sought to have a new taste of designs. He and his sister came up with a new brand sportswear company.  Their quest for style and modern design-led them to Italy. They needed a partnership that would grow their brand in the same vision.   Here they discovered the one CP company. However, they landed on the Stone Island brand. 

Stone island Massimo Osti  

 Massimo is the co-founder of CP company, which is a household name on technical sportswear.  During this period, Osti had a brilliant idea on a new fabric named Tela Stella. The material was heavy, and oilskin like and had different colors. The founder couldn’t make it fit in the CP company collections. Nonetheless, he decided to make several jackets for trial with military and maritime concept in the back of his mind. For the logo, Massimo crafted a compass emblem on which remains to date. The invention brought by the famous luxurious fashion house Stone Island

Innovations from Stone island brand

The brand receives a lot of buyers from music artists, football players, and other celebrities. The company has also come up with exclusive styles that cover large cultural diversity.  The directors have focused visions on making the men’s brand top best fashion globally.  The company uses technology to innovate the designs and use quality fabrics for a perfect finish. They have inventions such as micro reps, Nylon metal, tank shield, and heat reactive.

Stone island name and logo an origin from literature.

Brand names and logos have quite interesting stories. Some are named after the founder of the country, something iconic. However, Stone island has a different history. Literature, yes! The brand origin is from a novel. The author Joseph Conrade a Ukrainian working for the British navy captain and also a writer-He, used the words Stone island in his novel.   The logo was to coincide with the name where it needed a military badge. The badge -shown his love of the sea and research.

Research and lab work

Research is the motto of the stone island brand. The company does a lot of research before coming up with any fabric. The research involves a lab where all the dye is mixed to give various products for their materials. The process helps improve the quality of every attire and also markets the brand’s product.  They have lovely dyeing processes such as truck tarpaulins, which help make jackets.

The company is branded sole objective is quality and pragmatism.  They believe in offering only the best quality for men. The company has earned respect, popularity and receives requests for partnership promotions and also big football clubs and musicians. Carlo Rivetti, the brand CEO, ensures it is not just a brand or name but a quality brand. A company to remember in the coming decades.