Natural Solutions & Follicle Boosting Serums for Preventing Hair Loss

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Every single person in this world has its standards for beauty. This is mainly influenced by the society that we live in right now. People have many perceptions of beauty, even though some may claim that there is a standard definition for it.

Unfortunately, not everyone fits into the status quo, so people tend to find other ways to mold themselves into it. Some may go too far and change themselves permanently, but that is the world we live in today. There are some parts of it though that is understandable, like those who have hair issues.

Most of us don’t usually think about this certain part of our body, especially the big lump on our heads. It is a naturally occurring part of being part of the mammalian class, a trait that has been passed on from generation to generation. Some people might have it covering their body, especially the men.

Others hardly have enough at all, and the only ones that are abundant are at the top of their heads. Some do not even have any at all, but that is a serious condition that affects thousands of people as you may see on this site. However, there is another common condition: hair thinning.

Causes and Concerns

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There is no known cause of this condition, as there are several underlying factors that can contribute to its prevalence on the population. One of the most well-known reasons though is genetics. If one or both of our parents have baldness or thinning, then there is a huge possibility that you will have this condition as well. You may have been skipped by one generation (as this is possible) but your children might also have it. Genetics is to be blamed sometimes, but there are other more pressing factors that we need to discuss.

Genetics might be out of our control as it is passed down to us, but physical factors also contribute to our hair’s demise. Head injuries can easily affect their growth and development because of the damage to the scalp. This inhibits growth but it can heal over time. Others might not be so lucky, and they have to live with a hairless gash or spot. Mental problems can also affect hair growth. Stress is a leading factor in its loss, which is why most of the people working in mental-driven fields do end up being bald. Even women cannot escape this condition.

Fortunately, doctors and scientists have been trying for decades to find a cure like Keranique follicle boosting serum. Many cultures turned to natural cures to help them grow their precious locks back. Many of these herbs and roots were also used for something else, but most of them were just for the hair.

Now, there are many options that you can take to help you out in these situations. One of which is a follicle booster, a medicine directly applied to the roots of your hair. This might seem confusing and invasive, but it is neither of those things. Before we can truly understand how it works, we need to study the physical properties of our hair. 

The hair is composed of the one that is growing and you can physically see, and the little tubule that houses it. Everyone seems to forget that this structure in our body is a part of our skin. Therefore, everything that we do that affects the skin will also affect the hair. The so-called roots will hold the hair strand in place no matter how long it gets. Unfortunately, this is also the part that will be the main problem when thinning and balding happens. It may become too weak to handle the strands and will cause them to fall off.

Cures and Solutions

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Natural remedies including lavender oil are seen as effective by many people. These essential oils have been around for centuries, and their benefits have already been related to many other conditions as well. However, other remedies like a simple scalp massage are also found to be helpful. Aside from being a relaxing experience, this also reinvigorates the follicles and growth.

Having said that, you will need to have follicle reinforcement applied immediately to the roots. It is usually made of ingredients like keratin and other substances.

Also, it would be in the form of a serum that you can apply as soon as you have cleaned your hair up. This might need a lot of applications before you can see any kind of effect, but it is certainly helpful. It is great for those with just minimal hair loss. As for balding, you will need a stronger solution. As the hairs are already gone in a certain patch, regrowing that might be an issue.’

Surgical solutions seem to be the most effective way of dealing with a total loss. A still-growing portion on your head will be transplanted to the part which does not have hair anymore. According to, it is usually done using hair grafts, and this encourages balding spots to re-grow.

There is a respectable rate of success for this operation, although the condition seems to reappear again after a few years. You need to have close contact with your doctor to monitor the condition. As long as you also have a shampoo or serum dedicated to it, then the probability of this problem reappearing would be minimal.

Hair thinning might not be a life-threatening disease, but it can affect our disposition in our daily life. It does create a sort of problem with self-esteem, letting you feel ashamed about it. Although you can always take that confidence back without any kind of medical or surgical help, some people do feel like they need assistance. Whether it is from natural and alternative systems, people find ways to help them out of this concern.

If you feel that growing your hair back would resolve your self-confidence issues, then it is time to consider using these products and procedures. Some of them have proven themselves to be effective, and have helped millions of people worldwide. Gone are the days of just living through it when a cure already exists.