BLK Cosmetics Fresh Tinted Balm Review

blk cosmetics fresh tinted balm review

Many people are opting for lip balms these days since we are now required to wear a face mask in public. Even if they’re tinted, they are less pigmented than lipsticks and so they don’t leave a hard to remove stains on cloth masks. So when Anne Curtis’ cosmetic brand released a one for their summer collection, of course, I have to try one. Below is my BLK Cosmetics Fresh Tinted Balm review.

The BLK Cosmetics Fresh Tinted Balm is truly moisturizing and feels lightweight on the lips, but it's not totally non-sticky. Though it leaves a cute shiny tint on the lips.
Not so sticky
Too small.
Doesn't contain sun protection.


BLK Cosmetics Fresh Tinted Balm is a luxuriously melty balm-type formula that is rich in moisture but wears like a dream. Comes in natural MLBB tints, it leaves a subtle, healthy sheen that looks extra gorge when it catches the light. It claims to be a lightweight, non-sticky salve that saves dry and parched pouts. Available in three mouthwatering scents Very Berry, Feeling Peachy, and the one I got, the Wondermelon.

You can read its full ingredient analysis in CosDNA.


APPLICATION: Press tube lightly to dispense product and glide the applicator over clean, dry lips. Wear it alone or under lipstick; just let it settle first before layering with another product.

PACKAGING: It is packaged in a rubber and plastic tube, no cushion tip or box.

SCENT & FLAVOR: I only got the Wondermelon shade, so I can’t speak for others. But this one smells so sweet, like a Korean watermelon popsicle. But it doesn’t last long when applied on the lips and this Fresh Tinted Balm does not have a taste unlike those early 2000s juicy lip balms.

TEXTURE & FORMULA: The Fresh Tinted Balm feels more like a jelly cream than a balm, it’s a little bit thick, feels a little greasy but not waxy, though it is still kinda tacky.


The BLK Cosmetics Fresh Tinted Balm is truly moisturizing and feels lightweight on the lips, but it’s not totally non-sticky. There’s still a little bit tackiness in it, but if you’re a person who’s not comfortable with lip balms, it will not bother you. And as expected from lip balms, even though this one is tinted, it’s not highly pigmented but it still leaves a shiny tint on your lips.

I only have 2 issues with the Fresh Tinted Balm, 1) it doesn’t have sun protection, for less than the price, you can actually have a lip balm with SPF from another brand. And 2) you really have to pressed hard to dispense the product out, as seen in my GIF below. Maybe because the formula is creamy or a bit thick, but for some reason, air comes out first before the lip balm.


LazadaPHP329 per piece
Zalora– PHP329 per piece
– PHP1,286 for the whole set with the other 2 Lip balms, Lip Scrub, and Wondermelon Face Mask
– PHP1,506 for the whole Fresh Wonderland Set with the Face Mist, Makeup Wipes, tint, and blush.

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