dhc lip cream review
dhc lip cream review

The Most Moisturizing Lip Balm That Doesn’t Feel Sticky

Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t like using lip balms because it feels sticky. My lips are rarely dry since I drink a lot of water. So I never bothered with lip balms until I was in Japan before this pandemic sh** happened. I was experiencing my very first winter, and my lips are starting to crack. So while my friends are shopping for Hada Labo, I was in the lip balm section, and oh boy! The Japanese drug stores have a LOT of lip balms. I’ve seen some familiar lip balm brands which I dislike that is why I decided to get the DHC, and also because I keep hearing about DHC Cleansing Oil way before I went to Japan. But is it good? Read my full DHC Lip Cream review below.


DHC Lip Cream is a conditioning lip balm that provides long-lasting moisture. The lip cream glides smoothly onto your lips and can be worn under lipstick as a primer or over for added gloss.

Blended with Vitamin E, which nourishes and fights the visible signs of aging, Aloe Vera, which soothes, and Olive Oil which neutralises free radicals, the skin is softened. Rough or chapped lips are instantly hydrated and are left with a soft and dewy shine. You can read its full ingredient analysis in Skin Carisma.


SCENT: It doesn’t have any scent, and even flavor. Which I love because those things tend to trigger my migraine.

PACKAGING: The DHC Lip Cream is packed in a durable plastic tube. I have this for 4 months now, still in good condition, and miraculously, I haven’t lost it yet like my countless Chapstick in high school.

TEXTURE & FORMULA: It is more on a waxy side rather than balmy. It truly glides smoothly and doesn’t leave an uncomfortable tacky or greasy feeling on the lips.

dhc lip cream review


Yes Style$8.46Based in Hong Kong, but ships internationally.
Skin Store$9.50Based in the US, but ships internationally.
Amazon$15.51Buy 1 take 1 bundle.

As I have mentioned in the title, the DHC Lip Cream is definitely the most moisturizing lip balm I ever used that doesn't feel sticky or tacky, whichever term you prefer. It does feel waxy at first, but in a few seconds the DHC Lip Cream will sink into your lips and it'll feel like you're wearing an ordinary lipstick but with a moisturized, hydrated, baby soft lips. I don't know how the hell this product does that.

I also love that I can apply this under my regular lipstick without ruining it. Because some lip balms tend to make lipsticks less pigmented or sliding it on the side of your lips like you don't know how to line.

Will make your skin soft without the sticky, tacky, or greasy feeling.
Only available in Japanese drugstores and online.
It also doesn't have SPF.
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