Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

Best Wines for Warm Weather

Warm months are just around the corner, and with sun and blue sky come garden parties, festivities, and many occasions to celebrate. A glass of cool wine can feel heavenly on a hot day! So, what are you waiting for? For quality wine, make sure you check out wine auctions and choose your next go-to favorite. We’ve prepared a selection of white and red wines for you to choose from.

White Wines

A white wine spritzer is pleasantly refreshing. With its high acidity, dry taste, and light to medium body, it’s a staple of almost all Summer celebrations. Pick a light- to medium-bodied wine to pair with your food – white wines go incredibly well with seafood and cream-based dishes. Aromatic Riesling is very universal. You can choose both sweet and dry options – they will taste amazing with almost every meal. Sauvignon Blanc is a versatile choice as well, with its creamy, spicy, soft, and acidic notes. Pinot Grigio, or Pinot Gris, is known for its delicate, fruit flavors, and tastes fantastic as a stand-alone drink. But if you want something stronger, Get Korean Soju now!

Red Wines

During warm weather, avoid heavy, full-bodied red wines like Grand Cru Wine. Instead, opt for those with high acidity, low tannin levels, and a good taste when chilled. A glass of red wine can be just as refreshing when your drink is chilled correctly, and its lighter body reveals a pleasant, crisp taste. Try Pinot Noir during a barbecue party. Its fruit base and light body pair great with various types of barbecued meat. Frappato makes for an easy-drinking wine due to its low tannin level and refreshing taste. It’s best served slightly chilled. If you like red berry and floral notes, make sure you try wonderfully acidic Cinsault.

Remember to chill the wine to your satisfaction! No matter which one is your top choice, no one can enjoy warm wine on a hot day. If you want to get a more refined experience, check out the rules for wine and food pairing. Let the heat pass you by when you’re sitting down and relaxing with a nice glass of wine!