Organizing Your Bathroom


Organizing your life may seem like a daunting task, so sometimes it’s easier to start with bite-sized chunks. Beginning with a smaller, oft-used room might just be the key to success. Follow these tricks to get your bathroom ship-shape.

Categorize and Separate

Start by separating everything into your bathroom into five distinct categories: jewelry, things you use every single day, things you use about once a week, things you use rarely, and things you haven’t used in the last year. Whatever is in the final category, throw away (expired medicine, broken combs) or donate (hotel shampoo bottles, gift soap in a scent you don’t like). Purchase some jewelry drawer inserts for your earrings and necklaces that will keep them out of the way of harmful sprays and damp air.

Pack Up and Store

Pack up the rarely used items into a plastic shoebox with a top. This category might include medicine, hair ornaments that only match that one party dress, foot soak, nail polish remover, and any extras of things that come in multi-packs like razors, dental floss or toothbrushes. Put this labeled box in the back of your cupboard or under the sink. Next, pack up everything you use about once a week. These are often your luxury items for the weekend like fancy perfume, flat iron, glitter makeup or individual use face masks. Put these items in a pretty basket or box under the sink. That way they are out of the way but easily accessible as a group when you need them every so often.

Organize and Manage

Finally, look at all the items you use frequently. Most items, aside from soap, do not need to sit on the counter. There are several types of over the door baskets or organizers that can be hooked over or mounted on the inside of cupboard doors. These can be filled with a hairdryer, brushes and larger lotion bottles. Smaller items like make-up, creams and toothbrushes can be put in their own lined basket and pulled off the shelf each morning. You can even subdivide into morning and evening containers. These should be attractive, functional and easy to clean because they will get the most use.

The bathroom is generally where we spend the most time each morning before officially launching into the day. Treat yourself with an organized space to help you streamline and simplify your routine. If you start your morning calm, no doubt the rest of the day will follow.