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Removing Unwanted Body Hair At-Home – These are Your Options

Unwanted body hair can be a serious issue in normal circumstances, but the issue becomes even harder to handle as men and women age and become parents. Especially for women, having children increases the need to control unwanted hair growth. Extra hormones bring forth hair growth in areas that can be downright embarrassing – think facial hair growth, increased hair growth on the arms and legs, and even toe hair.

If you want to get rid of body hair for good, there are several methods that are effective and economical. Here they are, in order of preference.


Waxing is probably the most used method for removing unwanted hair. It’s also widely acknowledged as the most effective hair removal method. 

For years, women have visited salons to have their hair removed from their legs, arms, eyebrows, and even their bikini areas. Today, wax can still be used in a salon, but there are many brands who also sell at-home kits for waxing hair.

One positive to waxing is that it removes hair from the root, meaning it will likely not cause the hair to grow back thicker or stronger. Further, using wax as a removal method allows you to remove a larger portion of hair at one time. It is ideal for removing large areas of hair-like legs and arms. 

At home wax kits come in various styles. You can buy actual wax kits with hot wax and wax strips. You can also buy cold wax which is easier to use for facial hair than is for body hair. In fact, wax strips are far less effective for body hair because they are cold and do not open pores as hot wax does.  

However, some people who have sensitive skin may not be able to tolerate wax. These people will want to find alternative methods for removing hair from their bodies. Removing hair from your body does little good if you are compromising the health of your skin. 

At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Another effective method is laser hair removal. While you can have your hair removed by a medical professional, home laser devices will save you time and money. 

Stubborn hair may need to be lasered up to seven times, so an investment in your own laser hair removal system can be very convenient. It’s the most flexible way to remove unwanted facial and body hair permanently. 

Another advantage of a laser system is that it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. All other methods for removing hair have a risk for skin reactions, so if you have sensitive skin you may want to consider the use of a laser hair removal system.

However, while some people swear by this method, others say that laser hair removal is not as effective as other methods for removing unwanted hair from the body. 


Nair is a cream that you rub on your legs and arms to remove unwanted hair. This is an extremely popular method for at-home hair removal. Many people use nair when they are in a bind and they say that it removes hair without the need for razors, extra pain, or exhaustive tweezing. 

On the flip side, Nair can be irritating for sensitive skin. Some people are even allergic to Nair, which can be an issue for using it repeatedly. 


Tweezing hair, when done correctly, is an effective method for removing some hair. This is especially helpful for facial hair and body areas where the hair is not thick or overwhelming. 

However, tweezing is far too tedious for areas like leg hairs, arms, or even bikini areas. Additionally, tweezing is a little painful when you consider that there are plenty of other methods for removing hair. 


Razors can be an effective method for removing unwanted hair growth in a pinch. However, many women report that hair grows back thicker and stronger after being shaved. This only perpetuates the problem as thicker hairs are often darker and more noticeable.