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Everything You Need To Know About the Manish Malhotra Collection

The appearance of a person plays a very important role in deciding the impression the person would make in front of people. Though we sometimes dint want to judge a person by his/her appearance, our subconscious mind pays attention to the look of a person. Not only the first impression but every other impression is important because our goal should be not just to create a good image but also to maintain that by looking on point every time and to achieve that people back themselves up by applying makeup. Some people think that women or men who apply makeup are insecure about their looks and try to hide all the flaws of their skin which is false, we all are beautiful under that makeup. Makeup is a hobby for many people despite their gender, age and complexion that is why we have Manish Malhotra collection that offers us the best products to choose from for every complexion and for everyone.

The use of makeup dates to 3100 BC when ancient Egyptian women used to apply makeup. Makeup was applied to enhance the beauty of the facial features and this purpose of makeup has not changed since then. People apply makeup as their hobby or to highlight their facial features to give a beautiful finish. Makeup has taken a significant place in our lives to an extent where women spend $300,000 on makeup in their lifetime. There are many brands that offer high-quality makeup but the prices for a good quality eye shadow palette is out of budget for most makeup lovers this is the reason that this collection is stealing the show from the day it is out in the market. The products are available in the best quality at the most reasonable prices. We often see that many collections offer products for only light-skinned people, while this collection has products for light-skinned, medium-skinned and dark-skinned people covering almost all the complexions in India. The products available in the line are new, the products are innovative and can be used for multiple purposes like the Manish Malhotra Metallic Chalk comes in three different colors and can be used for cheeks, eyes, and lips making it very versatile.

There are hundreds of new products available in this line starting from products for face to products for nails. All these being the best quality and available at the best prices you can think of. The variety of products can be estimated by the fact that there are 7 different types of lip products like lipsticks, lip glosses, lip sparkles, lip chalks and many more. Similarly, there are 6 different types of items available for your eyes. This line also offers products for caring for your body like lip care and nail care products which come in a huge variety. This collection can be easily accessed under the MyGlamm Brand website as they house many other collections as well as the Manish Malhotra collection, the Pose collection, the Lit collection, the K. Play collection and many more.