ellana cosmetics lip drunk blush review

Ellana Cosmetics Lip Drunk Blush Review

Lately, several Filipino brands like Sunnies Face, Skin Potions, and most recently BLK launched their own multi-pots, but before all of them, the Ellana Lip Drunk Blush was the OG! At least in the Philippines beauty market. But are they good, long-lasting, pigmented, etc? Luckily, I was invited to the Ellana Cosmetics’ Lab last October 2019 and I had a chance to know how they made it. Learn more about it in my Ellana Cosmetics Lip Drunk Blush review below.

My only issue with the Ellana Lip Drunk Blush is the packaging, sure it is eco-friendly and refillable, but it feels a little cheap and stains so easily by the product. But overall, they're a great long-lasting blush.
Long-lasting even in hot and weather.
Highly pigmented
Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types especially oily and acne-prone.
It is also cruelty-free and refillable.
You can't use this on your eyes, you'll end up hurting or damaging your skin from removing it.
The packaging feels a little cheap, and easily get stained by the product.


The Ellana Cosmetics Lip Drunk Blush is all you need to glow on the go. It’ll perfect your tipsy flush with this super-moisturizing, cocktail-inspired drunk blush. Made for lips and cheeks, this multi-stain glides on smoothly, with a soft, natural matte finish and creamy, hydrating texture that is infused with Camellia “Tsubaki” Seed Oil. It comes with 9 shades, but this shade I have was customized by me in their lab so there’s nothing like it. But the shade is like a mix of their Palamo Italiana and Love Potion.

ellana cosmetics lip drunk blush review
This was my customized Lip Drunk Blush before going inside the oven.


This Lip Drunk Blush contains Camellia Japonica (Tsubaki) Seed Oil and Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Seed Oil that encourages healthy skin cell production, support the growth and repair of new cells. It also helps your skin retain moisture, making it softer, smoother and less prone to fine lines. It also contains Kaolin Clay that absorbs oil.

All Ellana Cosmetics Lip Drunk Blush helps promote skin elasticity, moisturizes and hydrates. It’s also non-comedogenic, suitable for oily/acne-prone skin. Lastly, it is cruelty-free. You can read its full ingredient analysis in CosDNA.


APPLICATION: Use a sponge or warm fingers to pick up a small amount of cream. And then pat onto cheeks gradually and blend. Layer color for a more intense look, or keep it light for a natural flush.

SCENT: Mine has a very mild scent that resembles sangria because I chose it.

FORMULA & TEXTURE: The texture feels like a balm yet it has a semi-matte finish.

ellana cosmetics lip drunk blush review - packaging
My finish product


I only customized the shades, but I didn’t change or add something new to the original formula of the Ellana Cosmetics Lip Drunk Blush. It is as pigmented and long-lasting as those you’ll purchase from their stores and kiosks. Actually, it is so pigmented they’re not recommended to be used on the eyes. It’s because our eyes have a thin layer of skin so you’ll end up rubbing it so much to remover the Lip Drunk Blush which is not good for your eyes and the skin.

Just like the Sunnies Face Airblush and BLK Face Stack Multi-Pot, the Ellana Lip Drunk Blush has a balmy formula with a semi-matte finish. But it is 10x more pigmented and long-lasting. It literally lasts all day on me when I went out for groceries and dinner. In fact, it is as pigmented as the 3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot but the Lip Drunk Blush lasts longer than that cult-fave k-beauty product.

These are my friend and I’s customized Lip Drunk Blush after 4 hours and washing my hands with hand soap and alcohol. Still there!!


LazadaPhp798 – with a palette
Php449 – refill
Ellana Cosmetics WebsitePhp798 – with palette
Php449 – refill

What do you think of this Ellana Lip Drunk Blush review? And what’s your favorite blush? Share your thoughts below!