Best Tips For Beginner Bridal Makeup Artists

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You can discover a new area of development, learn all about the latest makeup trends, work with leading manufacturers of professional cosmetics and find an approach to each client by taking makeup workshops!

A wedding ceremony is a real event for every girl. Pleasant chores, excitement, tears, dancing, a sea of kisses and smiles – all this has to be faced by brides. Everyone dreams of looking perfect on this day. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on makeup. It should not only decorate and emphasize all the features of the girl but be persistent and of high quality. If you want to learn most of the wedding makeup services, you can consider going for bridal makeup workshops nearby.

The secret of the wedding image is a skillful combination of details. Makeup is the main one. In order to make it perfect, you should take into account the individual characteristics of the client: skin, hair, eyes, face shape, dress style, and complexity of the hairstyle.

A few tips for beginner bridal makeup artists

Remember face shape

Modern cosmetic products do not cost anything to correct facial features, to make them the most harmonious. Remember that applying a darker shade of foundation in certain areas hides them, and a lighter opposite makes them more noticeable. So, you can skillfully hide a large forehead, expand the cheekbones, and shorten the length of the face. Contouring came into fashion several years ago and is firmly in the lead in the field of beauty. At the master class on creating the perfect makeup for the wedding, you will learn everything. However, remember that the face should not be overloaded, use light powdery textures for this, they are perfectly stewed and do not go stained or masked.

Consider Hair Color

Blonde Makeup Tips

Basically, they are owners of fair skin and light eyes. The teachers of the makeup workshops are ready to share some secrets with you! After all, each of your clients must look properly on this day.

Carefully work out all the imperfections, smear the bruises under the eyes with the help of a corrector. Use BB-cream, it adjusts to the natural shade of the skin and moisturizes it well, because wedding makeup will have to be worn all day. Give the shape of the eyebrows, lightly paint the hairs with a light brown pencil, do not make the graphic, and let them be in soft lines. In eye makeup, give preference to all shades of metallic and gray, they will make the look of blue eyes piercing. Or choose sand and copper colors to fill it with softness and trepidation. Avoid active black eyeliner of the upper and lower eyelids.

Apply cold blush on the cheeks of the apples, they will be in perfect harmony with the color of the eyes. Moisten the lips well and paint with a pencil, slightly going beyond the natural contour. Apply a persistent lipstick, muted pink or brown. Apply a little transparent gloss to the middle of the upper and lower lips. They will become them look naturally plump.

Brunette Makeup Tips

Pay attention to the skin tone. Dark-skinned brides with a yellow undertone will perfectly match warm, light tones. All shades of peach and pink flowers will look perfect in front of your eyes. A black liner will complement the look. Particular attention should be paid to the lips, do not emphasize them with bright lipstick, this may look too vulgar, so use it one or two tones darker than natural.

Snow White inspired look can be tried for a retro look of the 40s. Black graphic arrows and bright red lips. A win-win. Use blush of cold shades, they should slightly emphasize the cheekbones, and should not look like spots. A wedding makeup master class will give you a lot of knowledge about the types of blush and how to apply them. Lay eyebrows with a transparent gel, let them be as natural as possible.

Makeup Tips for Redheads

Bright girls do not need to hide their personality. Apply a thin layer of foundation on your face and gently beat it with your fingers and a sponge. Make sure that the coating is as transparent as possible. After all, freckles are the highlight of the image, do not completely cover them up!

Lightly crumbly powder, slightly touch the T-zone. Highlight cheekbones with warm shades of blush. You should not do too active contouring, make sure that each element of makeup looks harmonious. Use a brown pencil to shape the eyebrows, make them a little sharper and comb in the direction of hair growth. Fix with a gel.

When choosing shadows, give preference to warm shades. Chocolates or peaches are perfect for green eyes, and the black, shaded liner will make them look like cats. Well-colored eyelashes will decorate the bride’s wedding makeup, do not forget to comb them with a special brush to get rid of lumps of mascara.

Brown eyes can experiment with a variety of colors and textures. Violet, pink and steel colors will make the look vibrant and independent. And warm sand, turquoise, and pink will make dreamy and tender. Avoid black mascara. Brown will be more appropriate. Lips can be emphasized with bright lipstick, if eye makeup is inactive, add a transparent gloss if you focus on something else.

Perfect Wedding Makeup Step By Step

Wedding makeup is perhaps one of the most difficult types of makeup. After all, this festive make-up is designed to look bright and at the same time natural. Since the complexity of wedding makeup, as well as a wedding hairstyle, is very high, professionals recommend doing the makeup step by step. We also recommend that you take “before and after” makeup photos that will surely decorate your personal wedding album.

Step One

In order to achieve the perfect color and surface, immediately before applying the foundation, the skin must be moistened with any moisturizer or nourishing cream. A few days before applying makeup, it is recommended to do a deep peeling, which will smooth the surface of the skin.

For wedding make-up, liquid foundation is ideal, which will not only hide all minor imperfections of the skin but also preserve its natural color as much as possible.

Step Two

Performing makeup step by step, do not neglect such an important trifle as blush, which is simply necessary so that the bride’s face does not look “flat” in wedding photography. But even here one should be as careful as possible so that the bride does not turn out to look like a doll.

Blondes and brides with light brown hair fit all shades of cold pink. Brunettes, dark blond and redhead brides can choose a blush of warm peach tones

Blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks, the tip of the nose, the forehead line for hair growth, earlobes and under the chin. Moreover, the movement should take place in the direction from the center to the edges.

Step Three

Beautiful eye makeup is performed in stages. Perfection is not in a hurry. First, a special silicone base must be applied to the skin of the eyelids, which will fill in all existing facial wrinkles and hold shadows on the skin of the eyelids for a long time, preventing them from shedding. Then you need to apply the shadow. First, lighter shades, then darker.

The next step is to apply eyeliner. Blondes and light blond brides should choose brown and gray shades. Black and white eyeliner will go to brunettes, dark blond and red brides.

After applying eyeliner, you apply mascara. Mascara for wedding makeup must be chosen to be lengthening and waterproof to avoid ugly smudges on the face at the most solemn moment. The color of the eyebrow pencil should be only a couple of tones darker than the color of the hair roots.

Step Four

Do not choose too bright lipstick if the main emphasis is on the eyes. Lipsticks in natural matte shades or even the shine of peach or pink tones are perfect.


Brides carefully choose a good makeup artist on this special day. After all, only a true professional can advantageously emphasize their merits and make high-quality makeup that will not spoil the mood. You have the opportunity to become an expert. You can learn all the intricacies of a new profitable and responsible profession by enrolling in a master class on the bride’s wedding make-up.