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Top 3 Perfect Tips To Make Your Blonde Hair Pop

It is not easy to find the perfect shade of eyeshadow and lipstick that suits blondes well. Apart from choosing the appropriate makeup style, it is of crucial importance to take care of your blonde hair. To avoid hair breakage, apply hair masks and eat nutrient-rich foods that will help your hair grow faster and have better quality. When you are sure that your hair is well taken care of, move on to applying makeup. Makeup shouldn’t transform you into a different person, but help your facial features realize their full potential. Enhance your natural beauty and hair colour by following these 3 simple steps below.

Strong Eye Game

Since the colour of your hair and eyebrows is fair, it is necessary to make your eyes pop with the help of eyeshades and a high-quality mascara. Pay attention to different brushes – some are made for lengthening the lashes, and some emphasize and create more volume. Smokey eyes and nude lips are the go-to looks for most makeup artists when they create a perfect night look for blondes. However, smokey eyes should be avoided at all costs during the day.  Stick to light and natural makeup that complements your hair colour the best. Also, your eye colour and hair undertone play a major role in choosing the right eyeshadow colour. For instance, silver eyeshadow will look amazing on platinum blondes, whereas a red lip and brown eyeshadow is more suitable for caramel blonde hair.

Her Royal Highness Pink

A little bit of pink on your cheeks will work wonders for a fair complexion. The combination of pink blush and nude lips is perfect for an effortless everyday makeup look. Peachy lipstick is the best choice for every type of blonde hair. Stay away from dark black colours and heavy bronzers. For example, instead of making you look refreshed and energized, bronzed look paired with blonde hair tends to look unnatural and if you take it too far, it can look kitsch. Rosy blush colour will highlight your cheekbones and accentuate the shine of your hair. For an everyday look, don’t go too heavy on the blush and stick to a healthy glow, but if you’re going out, putting on blush is great for contouring and giving your face a more defined look.

High-Quality Hair Routine

Do not sleep on the essential hair care routine. Try to avoid washing your hair too frequently or going to hair salons, because getting blowouts makes it prone to falling out and thinning. Stay hydrated and make hair masks with natural ingredients. Even when you sleep, you can help your hair gain more volume. Enhance its softness and shine by using silk pillowcases for hair care. If you don’t pay attention to your hair care, nothing helps. Hair breakage can also be caused by tying your hair up, especially if your hair is naturally thinner and of low-quality. For silky and long hair, make a conditioner that is not full of chemicals and use them regularly.

It is a challenge to keep your blonde hair healthy and shiny. With the help of natural makeup and a strong hair routine, it is possible to grow your hair faster and longer. However, don’t expect changes overnight, since improving the quality of your hair depends on many different factors. If you are constantly burning it and wearing a ponytail, it is highly likely that it simply isn’t strong enough yet to grow and be voluminous. What are the best tips and tricks you can share that worked magically for your hair? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.