12 Tips To Get And Stay Fit And Healthy

food for healthy skin

Are you too busy working and forgetting about your health? Are you too focused on acquiring material things like your favorite collection of skeleton watch brands, latest gadgets, and stylish bags? Do you find yourself eating everything that pops in your mind, healthy or not?

You can’t put a price on health. How about starting a fit and healthy lifestyle while doing the things you love because you deserve to live longer and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Balance your life so you can enjoy more and start your fitness journey by applying our twelve tips.

Eat more whole foods

Ditch the processed foods such as chips, pizza, and coke. Eat more whole foods and try to it minimally processed foods. Avoid eating processed foods because you don’t know what they put in your food.

Companies put weird things into foods to make it look better or make it last longer. Go for veggies, fiber, vitamins, protein, and your carbohydrates and healthy fats. You can find online fun ways to cook and enjoy your healthy meals.

Low metabolism, eat at a caloric deficit. High metabolism, eat at a caloric surplus

A caloric surplus is a state in which you eat more calories than you burn, while a calorie deficit is when you intake fewer calories than you need to maintain your weight. There’s a number of calories that you eat for you to maintain or increase your weight.

If you are eating a caloric surplus, you have to exercise. Otherwise, that extra calories are going to turn into fat instead of muscle. If you are eating calorie deficit, exercise is also a must to avoid saggy skin and have a toned and improved muscles.

To know how to count calories from the foods you intake every meal, you can download applications that count calories. It teaches you how many calories there are in that certain food. Through that, you can manage and monitor your diet.

Create a workout schedule

If you have a busy work schedule, create a workout schedule. You have 24 hours in a day. What is a 30-minute workout to spend every day for your health, right? But if you have a lot of time, go to a gym to exercise.

After two to three weeks, improve your workout. Add more weights, a number of repetitions, sets, and change positions. Or you can add resistance because your body will grow stronger, and it will adapt to the workout that you are doing.

Consume butter in moderation

A study reported that eating 50 grams of butter daily for four weeks increases terrible cholesterol in 91 adults. Butter is not bad for you. There are many benefits a butter can give to our body, but if you consume way too much, then it is. Eat-in moderation by limiting your saturated fat intake to less than ten percent of total daily calories.

Build muscle and strength

This is not for everyone. This depends on your preference. But if you want to build muscle and strength, you must increase volume through repetitions, sets, and loads. That means, if you go to the gym and lift some weights, then you have to implement progressive overload.

Over time, you have to add on a little more weight if you want to build strength. But if you want to build endurance, then add more repetitions. More volume can help you build a lot of muscle. Just add on a weight that is not super comfortable but not injuring yourself but also does a lot of repetitions.

Have good posture at all times

This is so important because poor posture causes physical and mental stress on your bones and ligaments. According to research, tension and compression are added to structures that weren’t meant to bear that weight. Having a good posture supports our body equally.  It increases your energy levels and improves circulation and digestion.


Journaling is a healthy way to express yourself. It is much better than ranting to someone. Ranting to someone could be fun, but it could also give stress to them. People are going through a lot of things in life; they have their own stress.

It can be toxic to them. So just journal for the sake of your mental health, and others. Journaling manages anxiety, reduces stress, strengthens immune cells, and decreases symptoms of asthma.

Wake up earlier

If you wake up early, you have all the time to do all your activities without any hassle. Your day will be productive enough for you to do your workout and other stuff you have in mind to do for that day. It is a good practice if you want to be successful whatever journey you may be. In fitness, business, corporate world. It applies to almost every field.

Change your underwear daily

Being fit is not just all about fitness and health. It also includes your proper hygiene. Changing your underwear daily is so essential because fungus loves to grow in dark, moist areas. So when you don’t change daily, and you just wear the same pair of underwear for more than 24 hours expect itchiness and irritations.

Treat yourself by not growing infection in your genital area. According to surveys done in twenty-five major cities, only 86% change their underwear every day. So make it a habit to change your underwear daily.


Every top leader in various fields have one thing in common, and that is practicing meditation. Business executives and elite athletes use meditation preparing for their game or a meeting. With meditation, you can take a break from the technological world, and give time to reflect and reconnect with your inner self.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

We all know that drugs and too much alcohol are harmful to our health because it affects and weakens your immune system. If you are suffering from addiction, there are many ways to recover from it and prevent it. One reason why you should avoid drugs and alcohol is it profoundly affects your breathing, which is essential in a fitness journey.

Stay Consistent

The fitness journey doesn’t happen overnight. It needs a deep commitment to staying consistent whatever happens. Achieving your goal doesn’t mean you can stop already. That is not how it works.

If you want to maintain your fitness and keep improving, then do not stop. Make it a habit. Add it to your daily life routine. Otherwise, you will find yourself starting from the beginning wanting to be fit again.


Being fit and healthy is a choice. At the end of the day, you will be living the life that you choose. If you want to live a peaceful, stress-free, physically confident life and far from any serious diseases, then practice living healthily.