How Korean Skincare Trend Changed The Beauty Industry

korean skincare

Korean culture plays an important role in setting global beauty trends and that is most evident when it comes to the international rise of Korean Skincare. In Korea, it is very important to have very clear skin that is free from any red marks or blemishes. Korea continues to play an important role in setting global beauty standards and will continue to do so for some time.

Koreans Want Clear Skin

In Korea it is very important to have clear skin and having clear skin is a very obvious sign of beauty in their culture.  Korea’s focus on skincare has changed the way the world views beauty as now many cultures place a very high value on having clear skin. In 2015 over 1 Billion Dollars was spent on skincare products in Korea, that is a lot of money to keep skin looking clear. 

The Increasing Use of Face Masks

Koreans have always used face masks as a regular part of their skincare routine. They use skin masks at night and sometimes even multiple times a day to ensure that their skin is always feeling soft and looking fresh. Skin masks and facials were predominantly popularized by Korean culture and now today people use face masks and facials all over the world.

A face mask is a substance that is applied to your face. You then let the substance dry and this will essentially create a “mask” for your face. It is recommended that you wash your face with warm water before applying the mask so that your pores are open. This will allow the mask to remove dirt and oils from your skin. After you let the face mask sit on your face for a little bit you can take it off and your face should be feeling silky smooth. 

Korean Products in American Stores

Korean skincare products have become so popular that many retail outlets across the world now contain Korean based products. The popularity of Korean skincare products is based on the fact that Korean products work. It is well known that Koreans have very clear looking skin. Therefore, when Korean skincare products hit different markets people tend to purchase them because they associate the product with the soft, clear skin of the Koreans

Functional Cosmetics 

Korean skin care products are the first ones to adopt functional-based product integration. These cosmetics have taken the world by storm recently because their products are designed with ingredients that actually help your skin over the long run. Korean based products are not just a quick fix to make your face look prettier, they are the products that can actually help your natural skin repair over time.

After watching a video from Kryz Uy, I learned that some products use fermented botanicals that help repair damaged skin and improve the look of wrinkles on your face. Korean skincare products can sound complicated but they sure do work wonders for your face! Korean has also started the trend of incorporating SPF protection into some of its products which help protect your face from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  

Unique Recipes

Korean based products are very popular because they are made using unique and rare ingredients, some of which have very impressive healing properties. Some products use the tree sap from a rare birch tree native to Korea. This birch sap has very strong healing properties and is considered an antioxidant. Innisfree is a popular Korean brand that incorporates natural ingredients into their product lines. 

Skin Care for Men

In Korea daily skin care routines are not only limited to women as it is very common in their culture for men to have a daily skin care routine. Skincare for men was a foreign concept a few years ago, as people did not expect men to take good care of their looks. Now, nearly 20 percent of all skin care products sold in Korea were for men. This is a high percentage when compared to other areas across the world. According to Korea’s beauty standards, it is important that men have clear faces. Many products across the world have been developed and marketed towards men and this trend will continue. 

Korean skincare products have been very popular lately because they are the leaders when it comes to developing new functional cosmetics. Korea will continue to be a large player in the global cosmetic industry as they continue to innovate revolutionary products that truly help people become beautiful. Korea has also changed the way that the world views men’s skin care as now there is a growing market across the world for men’s products.