It's the Humidity 5 Awesome Fixes for Frizzy Hair

It’s the Humidity! 5 Awesome Fixes for Frizzy Hair

We all have to deal with the frizz at some point in our lives. How many times have you been walking down the street, feeling absolutely fierce, only to catch a glimpse of your reflection and see Hagrid staring back at you?

Frizzy hair may be exceptionally irritating, but it doesn’t need to be the bane of your mane. With a few simple remedies, you will be able to tame that mane and guarantee silky smooth locks every day of the week.

Here is everything you need to know what helps frizzy hair.

1. Use Conditioner, the Right Way

Even a hair care novice knows that conditioner is a cornerstone of effective frizzy hair treatment.

However, that’s not the full story. When shopping for a conditioner, always make sure to look for a brand with high levels of hydrating products like glycerin and shea butter.

In addition, you should try only washing your hair with conditioner, no shampoo, at least a couple of times a week. This will keep your hair looking healthy.

2. Use a Proper Hair Towel

One quick and effective frizzy hair fix relates to how you dry it. If you’re using a normal towel to wrap your wet hair in, you’re asking for a disaster.

As well as for all of these reasons, using a standard cotton towel creates friction with your hair that will fray and damage it, leading to unstoppable levels of frizz.

Using a high-quality, purpose-made hair towel with luxurious microfibers will help your hair dry in a gentle way that will reduce frizz throughout the day.

The worst thing you can do for your hair is using the same towel you dry your body with to wrap it up.

3. Avoid Too Much Heat on Your Hair

If you want to know how to fix frizzy hair before a night on the town, put down those straighteners for a second. Too much heat will fry your hair for good, meaning that nothing can be done to tame the frizz.

Always use a good quality straightener on low heat, as high temperatures will destroy your hair.

Better yet, apply some heat-protectant spray over your hair before you whip out the straighteners, as this will keep your locks strong and sturdy.

4. Use Coconut Oil for Frizzy Hair

If you want to know what to use for frizzy hair treatment, look no further than the coconut oil sitting in your bathroom. The benefits of coconut oil on your hair are too many to list here but rest assured it is the quickest cure-all for a frizzy day.

Simply apply a pinch of coconut oil to the hair strands that are giving you grief, to smooth over the stray fibers.

As a preventative, you should occasionally apply a thick layer of coconut oil to your hair and let it sit for a few hours. The result is silky smooth and glowing hair.

5. Touch it Up with a Toothbrush or Mascara Wand

Finally, an emergency fix for frizzy hair that always works just happens to be the oldest trick in the book. Simply apply some hair spray to a toothbrush or a (clean) mascara wand, and use it to smooth down those stray hairs.

This one requires some time and patience, so make sure to get started well in advance of your Uber coming to pick you up.

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Once you’ve learned how to tame your frizzy hair, you’re well on the way to having flawless, envy-inducing locks every single day. Make sure to read our regularly updated hair care guides to learn how to give your mane the treatment it deserves.