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Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. That’s a cliché that we seldom hear today. But it is still true. It seems to be natural for us women to adorn ourselves with jewelry. That’s why there are diamond Vancouverstores that cater to women searching for the right piece.

You need to wear jewelry whether you are minimalistic or bold in your taste and style. Here are the types of jewelry that every woman should have.


Most women will not go out without their earrings on. It doesn’t matter where they are shopping—to the office, to the park, or to the grocery store. Perhaps you have several sets of earrings. From them, you can choose any one set that you think will fit the occasion or place that you are going to.

The trend today is statement earrings. Examples of these are resin flower earrings, designer earrings, graphic earrings, chandelier earrings, and so forth. Each of these sets can enhance your look.

You can wear them to the office. But unless you don’t want to be the center of attraction, better settle with the minimalistic designs. If you still want to look elegant at the office, you can wear simple diamond stud earrings. They are attractive but do not call that much attention.

You can also try hoop earrings. Most women wear them at some point in their life. Are you going out for a walk? Whether you are wearing a skirt and top, blue jeans, or a whole dress, linear earrings will be a perfect match.


Women (and men as well) have long forgotten the actual purpose of a watch. It is no longer just a timepiece but also a piece of jewelry. They still use it to look up the time. But watches are mostly used today for adornment. If you can afford it, you need to have a jeweled watch, classic style.


Next to earrings, necklaces are the standard accessories for women. Pearls are the classic type of necklace that you should have in your jewelry box. They are the most urbane jewelry you can wear.

planet pendant is also something that you should have. It is simple yet elegant and graceful. If you want to be stylish, a statement necklace is what you should wear. You can choose from the many patterns and colorful designs that are fashionable at the same time.


Bracelet is another standard accessory of Nikola Valenti for women. If you don’t want to wear bangles, you can wear a bracelet or several bracelets that match each other. For that modern look, you can wear a cuff/bracelet. It will direct the eyes of people onto your hands.


Are you invited to a homecoming party? Here’s one way you can stand out from the rest of the ladies. Wear a diamond cocktail ring. Vancouver diamond ring stores have lots of this eye-catching jewelry. The best way to complete your wardrobe is to wear jewelry. Don’t leave without them whether you are just going out for a walk or going to an evening event. Try to include these pieces of jewelry in our collection. You won’t regret it.