10 Ideas for Statement Dresses to Wear to Prom

10 Ideas for Statement Dresses to Wear to Prom

Prom night is the perfect time for girls to get all dressed up as well as get their hair, makeup, and nails done. If prom season is coming up for you and you’re looking for ideas on how you can stand out among your peers, then you need a unique dress and safe teen makeup kit to be on point.

Over the years, prom dresses have begun to evolve into beautiful and elegant statement dresses. Sometimes they even appear to be a dress a celebrity would wear on the red carpet.

Keep reading for ten ideas for statement dresses that you can wear to prom this year.

1. Cape Style Dress

One look that has become more in trend is the cape style dress. This dress style will help you make a huge statement at your prom. It is typically a halter dress or a jumpsuit leggings type and has a cape attached which can be super long or a bit shorter.

The cape style dress can make you look like you come from a royal family. You will look elegant and put together in this style. You can also spice up the dress with some statement shoes or a dramatic makeup look. Wearing your hair back or out of your face will really help make your cape stand out.

2. Gown Style Dress

As a little girl, you may have dreamed of wearing a gown style dress and prom is the best time to make those dreams come true. Ballgown dresses have never really gone out of style. They have a classic neckline and look good on pretty much any body type.

Your ballgown dress can come in many unique and beautiful colors. You could opt for a glittery gold or silver to really stand out. Light colors will also make this style look beautiful as well, such as a pale pink or light blue.

3. Mermaid Dress

If you’re looking for a way to accentuate your curves and beautiful silhouette, then the mermaid style dress may be exactly what you’re looking for. Mermaid prom dresses are tight at the top and around your waist, then have a fishtail look around the ends which is where they get their name.

These dresses come in many different styles. You can go for a more classic and elegant look with lace and neutral colors. While you could also go for a sleek red one-shouldered mermaid dress that will really make you stand out on prom night.

4. Two-Piece Dress

A great way to stand out is to look for a unique two-piece dress for prom. These dresses usually start with a crop top or strapless bodice. Then the bottom could be either a short skirt or for a more elegant look, you could opt for a long flowing skirt.

You have lots of options when it comes to a two-piece statement dress. If you want to show off your figure, then you could opt for the bodycon style is a stand out colors. But if you still want to be formal and feel like a princess, then a ball gown flare skirt will do the trick. 

5. High Low Dress

Most of the time, proms are filled with long and flowy dresses and only a few short dresses but why not do both? A high low dress is the perfect formal dress that can also help to show off your legs. You could opt for a flowy gown style or the more popular tight fitted high low dress.

The high low dress was very popular a few years ago but it has made a comeback making you look formal and sleek. These dresses have a very asymmetrical look to them which makes you look like a glamorous celebrity stepping off the red carpet.

6. Backless Dress

Another statement prom dress would be the backless style dress. This style of dress is great if you plan on putting your hair up because it will help to enhance both your hair and your dress. With this style of dress, there are many different types of necklines but the main focus will be on the back of the dress.

A backless dress is very formal and sophisticated and usually has a lot of intricate details. You will turn plenty of heads by showing up to prom in a backless dress and surely stand out for the night.

7. Boho Style Dress

If you aren’t one to follow the crowd of sparkling, tight-fitting prom dresses, then you may want to look for a more boho styled dress. These dresses have floral prints, flouncy sleeves, and tend to be much more comfortable. Boho style dresses are less form-fitting and will allow you to dance the night away.

While you may be thinking that you could never wear a boho style dress to prom they can also look formal. When going for this look you should think of Coachella but make it fancy. You can pair your dress with a braided hairstyle to really pull off the boho vibes.

8. Long Sleeve Gown

Wearing a long-sleeve gown to prom will make you look very elegant and mature. These beautiful statement dresses usually have lots of intricate designs, whether it is beaded work or lace, you will surely stand out.

A long-sleeve gown may also look vintage and unique. You might even be able to snag this style at a lower price than most dresses if you know where to look.

9. Halter Style Dress

One style that you may enjoy wearing is the halter style dress. This will keep you secure all night so you won’t be afraid to bust a move on the dance floor.

The halter-style dress can come in many different colors and styles. You could opt for a formal lacey dress, satin dress, or even a velvet dress. This statement dress will make you look great all night long.

10. Off the Shoulder Dress

If you like the classic style look of a prom dress but want something a little bit more unique, then you might be interested in the off the shoulder style dress. These dresses can be long and flowy or fit tight to your body. They also can come in a variety of colors depending on your personal style.

The off the shoulder dress is a great way to show off your hairstyle and jewelry. You could wear a statement necklace with your hair in an updo for a real formal look. On the other hand, keeping the jewelry simple and going with a half-up hairstyle could also give you that formal vibe.

Statement Dresses For Everyone

When it comes to prom season you will want a unique and beautiful dress that no one else has. Statement dresses come in so many different sizes, colors, and styles that you will be able to find the dress of your dreams. If you’re interested in more beauty and fashion advice, then make sure to subscribe to our blog so you never miss a great post.