Key Tips That Will Keep Your Skin Healthy

Why Do We Really Need to Moisturize our Skin?

Skin color no longer defines beauty, but a smooth skin does. After all, smooth skin is healthy skin. The best way to a smooth and supple skin is to regularly moisturize. So yes, we really need to moisturize our skin, but the process and frequency of doing so vary from one person to another. In the same manner, the need for moisturizers depends on skin condition.

Why is there a need to moisturize:

Dry Skin. People with dry skin need to moisturize regularly to protect the skin from other skin problems. Dry skin is a common skin condition typically experienced in places with cold climates. It can even be heightened with seasonal changes, medications, or genetics. Nonetheless, a body moisturizer is the first line of defense of people with dry skin. These moisturizers often come in the form of lotions or creams with different scents.

Oily Skin. People with oily skin need to moisturize to prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria. However, finding a product suitable for oily skin is quite challenging. Typical face creams are usually not intended for people with oily skin. Rather, toners or face serums are the right products that can moisturize an oily skin.

Acne-prone Skin. People with acne-prone skin need to moisturize to prevent acne from spreading out to other areas of the skin. However, people with acne-prone skin, usually find it difficult to find a product that will effectively moisturize their skin simply because acne treatments alone can involve a couple of different products. There are even ingestible capsules that target to moisturize the sensitive skin of acne-prone people.

Sensitive Skin. People with sensitive skin also need to moisturize to protect their skin from irritation caused by allergens and pollutants but they normally find it hard to do so because most products only do more harm to their skin. Sensitive skin is comparable to weak skin and there are already different types of plant-based and organic moisturizing products that are proven safe and effective, especially for people with weak skin.

How can the skin be moisturized?

The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is to use moisturizers. However, moisturizers don’t only come in the form of creams or lotions, some are in the form of serums which are typically watery. Serums minimize the risk of clogged pores, and these are beneficial for people with oily or acne-prone skin. There are also sulfate-free cleansers that are effective in moisturizing the skin. These are generally gentler and more suitable for people with overly dry and sensitive skin. The skin can also be moisturized through exfoliation. Several products with lactic acid are already available in the market and these products help in the skin’s gentle exfoliation. Lastly, using sun protection, whether in the form of a lotion or spray, is also a form of skin moisturization. Long exposure to the sun, wind, and other extreme weather elements do more harm to the skin.

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What are the benefits of moisturizing?

Apart from keeping one’s skin supple and healthy, moisturizing has a lot of benefits. 

  1. It minimizes the possibility of more skin problems. For instance, a skin that is too dry or too oily is home to acne-causing bacteria. 
  2. Moisturizing also results in glowing skin because it restores the skin’s youthfulness simply because it helps replenish skin cells, fight aging and wrinkles. 
  3. It also reduces the risk of skin cancer. 
  4. Finally, moisturizing the skin simply invigorates the feeling of freshness after taking a shower.

What are the drawbacks of moisturizing?

With the benefits of using skin moisturizers also come a couple of drawbacks. Studies have shown that specific skin moisturizers slow down the natural process of skin exfoliation. Skin exfoliation is when the skin gives birth to new cells that replace dead skin cells. If the moisturizer used is not suitable for a person’s skin type, the tendency is that this product traps the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, slowing the epidermis down in creating new cells. As a result, the body’s skin may cease from natural hydration, building moisture from within. There are also several faces and body moisturizers that in the end, make the skin more sensitive and prone to irritations. Finally, there are instances that moisturizers clog the pores, leading to pimples and acne breakouts.

Different people have different skin needs. Some may need moisturizers, some may not. Some moisturizers may be effective for some, while the same set of products may be fruitless for others. What is important is to take care of the skin, first and foremost by keeping it clean. Next is to keep the skin healthy from within through a balanced and healthy diet. Finally, external products and moisturizers just seal the deal, helping various people achieve healthy and glowing skin.