How to Store Guns Safely and Securely

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If you decide to keep guns in your home, it is critical to ensure that these guns are properly and securely stored for the safety of yourself and your loved ones. It is all too often seen in the news when an innocent child gets hold of an unsecured loaded weapon and fires it. Of course, the ramifications are terrible, and sometimes, even fatal.

It is vital to take the necessary precautions to secure your weapons, especially if you have children and teens at home. Keeping guns secure means preventing unauthorized operation and use of firearms. It is also protecting the weapon from possible damage, thereby preserving its value. All guns must be kept secure, but should also be easily accessible should there ever come a time that you need them against intruders. Hereunder are some safety measures for storing firearms in your home:

Keep The Guns Locked

The National Rifle Association notes that safe and proper gun storage means you have to use a secure locking device on the gun itself. There are two common tools for doing this job: trigger locks and cable locks.

  • Trigger Locks

 A trigger lock is affixed around the weapon’s trigger to lock it into place, hence, its name. Trigger locks are an affordable and simple option that prevents your gun from being loaded and fired by an unauthorized user. Thanks to modern technology, gun manufacturers or even dealers now sell the latest guns with a trigger lock right inside the box. Another kind of trigger lock is called trigger shoe, which clamps down on the trigger to prevent manipulation. Because this item itself comes in contact with the trigger, it should never be put in a loaded gun.

  • Cable Locks

This refers to a long steel cable that is looped through the body of the firearm to keep it blocked from being operated. This essentially prevents the action of rifles and shotguns from being executed. When used with a semi-automatic pistol, this will stop the magazine from being loaded into the gun’s grip. For a revolver, the cable goes around the barrel, which keeps the cylinder open.

Noteworthy, if a dedicated gun lock is not available, then an ordinary padlock will do the trick. Simply hook the lock between the backside of the trigger and the trigger guard to keep it from cycling. That being said, trigger locks are inexpensive, costing less than twenty dollars.

However, the owners should still not be complacent even if these devices are in place. Some mechanisms have been known to fail, so it is still best to err on the side of caution and observe all the fun safety rules established by the NRA. On top of that, these locks do not offer any protection against firearm theft, so using these in conjunction with other secure storage devices is necessary.

Use Lock Boxes and Gun Safes

One of the safest methods to secure and store your gun is to keep them in concealed lock boxes or gun safes. This will not just prevent unauthorized use of the weapon, but it will also deter thieves. A sturdy lockbox hidden under the bed is one of the most popular methods that people use because they can easily grab it should an assailant barge into the home. A sturdy lockbox is sometimes referred to as a strong case or a security case. It can come with a padlock, a combination lock, and the now popular, electronic lock and biometric-enabled keypad.

A gun safe takes the lock feature up a notch because it is the superior storage option. Fancy gun safes have dedicated racks and line interiors that also help serve to protect the surface of the gun from nicks and scratches. Most importantly, safes are a deterrent to thieves because of the various locking features mentioned above. These safes can also provide additional protection against fires, flooding, and the like. The most popular safety boxes are Liberty Safe, Canon, and Knox. In addition, there are many heavy duty gun safes under $1000 dollars available in the market.

There are many different kinds of gun safes, ranging in size, price, and functionality. Of course, the big ones that can be hidden in a concrete slab, with fancy locking combinations are more expensive. Another fancier version of a gun safe is using a dedicated steel gun closet, which of course, comes with a huge price tag. For an added safety feature, buy the best hidden spy camera with motion detection to catch thieves. Now, examine your needs, do your research, then purchase the most suitable locking weapon storage facility for you and your family’s protection.

Keep the Gun Unloaded

Responsible gun owners will be aware that the NRA recommends in their gun safety rules that weapons remain unloaded until they are ready for use. It may sound cumbersome because you will have to load it should you need it, but really, this only takes a few extra seconds to do should you ever have to use it. Safety is the utmost priority. This tip is a very important consideration for guns stored at home, in close proximity to curious kids.

Keeping your firearms unloaded at all times will help keep potential accidents and injuries at bay should your firearm end up falling into the wrong hands. Storing your bullets separate from the weapon is the most responsible and smart thing to do. Keep magazines and bullets away from prying eyes that could be tempted to use them.  

Teach Gun Safety and Responsibility

Guns will always captivate the curious eyes of kids, teens, and even adults. The best thing to do is to feed the curiosity, while under your supervision. Remember, that the more you hide something and the more you keep it a secret, the more curious and tempted people become. Thus, take things one step ahead and brief all your family members about the importance of responsible gun use. You have to instill within your loved ones a frame of mind of safe and responsible usage.

By consistently explaining to your family about the potential hazards of owning a gun, as well as teaching them gun safety measures and the right conduct around guns, you demystify the curious topic. Children will always emulate your behavior. You have to always be mindful of what you show them. Modeling good gun and weapon conduct at all times remains vital to your gun safety success in the home.