Try This! 5 Surprising Treatments and Home Remedies for Acne That Really Work

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Everybody wants to put their best face forward. So when acne strikes, it hits home. Before you panic and empty your wallet on expensive treatments with warning labels, try natural and gentle solutions. Learn 5 surprising home remedies for acne.

5 Natural Home Remedies for Acne

Some acne creams contain harsh compounds that heal the acne at the expense of your skin health. They can dry out your natural oils and irritate the area.

Safe skincare is important! Choose natural care for your face. Keep reading to learn 5 natural acne treatments that will clear up this dilemma quickly!

1. CBD Oil

Celebrities tend to know about the top skincare trends, as their face makes them money! Today, many celebrities use CBD oil for a host of wellness benefits, including skincare.

This cannabinoid does not get you high, however, it creates profound effects within the body. It’s anti-inflammatory effects quickly reduce the red, raised appearance of acne. This also eases the pain large pimples can cause.

It also works in the body to regulate sebum production. This means it helps your pores produce the optimal amount of oil for good skin health. Your skin will clear up and glow!

2. Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins help your body function normally and heal. Taking supplements can ensure that you get enough essential nutrients during your busy day.

Which ones serve as natural remedies for acne? Take a look at this group from Patch MD.

Many anti-aging creams contain vitamin E, for its antioxidant properties. For far less money, you can grab a bottle of this vitamin over the counter.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a significant role in fighting acne. Many expensive prescription kin care creams use retinol for its effectiveness. However, this form of vitamin A is toxic and petrogenic, as the body cannot effectively process it.

You can take supplements, or take in vitamin A in its safe form of Beta Carotene by eating more red and orange veggies.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps reverse and prevent skin damage by removing harmful substances from the bloodstream. It also reduces inflammation to take away that ugly appearance of acne.

Vitamin C

This potent antioxidant improves collagen production and reduces skin redness. Taking vitamin C may help reduce the redness of stubborn acne and plump up your skin for a healthier appearance.

3. Honey

Listen to the buzz on how this sweet treat can be one of the best acne remedies!

Notice how honey never spoils? It contains antimicrobial properties that can eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

Honey also creates an osmotic effect, by drawing fluid out of the skin. This reduces inflammation.

4. Aspirin

Turns out Bayer can help more than your headache. The salicylic acid in this medication is processed from Willow tree bark to reduce its potency. 

Dissolving a tablet in water and applying it directly to your skin can reduce pain and inflammation from your breakout. If you want to know how to get rid of body acne, dissolve a couple of tablets in your bath and soak up the benefits.

5. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel duos as an antiinflammatory and gently astringent. It will reduce the size of pimples and help dry them out without irritating the skin. You can use it after washing your face each night to clear up and prevent breakouts.

Stay Naturally Beautiful

Many people turn to harsh and expensive pimple treatments in desperation because they do not know how to treat acne naturally. These natural home remedies for acne will help you achieve clear skin safely and effectively, without breaking the bank! Here we care about your appearance! Keep browsing our website to learn the ins and outs of looking great!