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Can Venoms Make You More Beautiful?

The cosmetic industry is one of the most profitable in the entire world, with billions of people seeking the secret of eternal youth and beauty. 

Both men and women from all countries and continents spend hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly for the latest innovations in the skincare department, looking to erase some years off their faces, and look younger. 

Some even go to extreme lengths to preserve their beauty and flawless skin and often turn to cosmetic surgeries and dermo-cosmetic procedures aiming to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, fill pores, smoothen the skin, and make it look glowing. 

And, as the cosmetic industry is constantly evolving, it comes as no surprise that some companies and brands come up with what may seem like crazy ingredients that are marketed as miraculous for all skin types. Bird excrement, gold, urine, and venom are amongst the weirdest ingredients you will in some facial creams and serums. 

However, don’t consider buying and looking for a comparison between snake terrariums just yet as extracting venom from these reptiles is anything but easy. It would be better to stick to what the beauty industry promises to offer you, meaning a flawless complexion, regardless of your age. Here are some uses of venom in the cosmetic industry. 

Snake Venom

Thanks to its high content of peptides, specific enzymes, and amino acids, snake venom has become an indispensable ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry. It is not only used to create an antidote for those who are bitten by snakes but also for creating opioids, and treating pain and inflammation.

So far, snake venom has been used in varicose veins, rheumatism, inflammation of tendons and muscles, and epilepsy. In the right concentration, snake venom can also be used as a tranquilizer, and in the treatment of malignant tumors. It is known for reducing inflammation and swelling, and also proved efficient in the treatment of certain skin conditions like psoriasis. 

Recently, this venom became a trustworthy ingredient in the cosmetic industry. Again, used in the right quantities, it can relax the facial muscles and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. 

The main difference between snake venom and botulinum toxin is that the first one doesn’t paralyze the facial muscles that lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, it is a safer alternative for those who still want to communicate with others with the help of facial expressions. 

Combined with other ingredients such as vitamins A, C, and E, as well as with glycolic acid or antioxidants, skin venom turned into powerful creams and serums that promise to treat deep wrinkles, fine lines, as well as other signs of aging, and dry skin. 

Honeybee Venom

Snake venom is not the only type to be used in the cosmetic industry. Apitoxin or bee venom is a colorless, bitter liquid extracted directly from the stingers of honey bees. It is the same stinger that causes pain, swelling, and severe allergic reactions to some people. 

When it becomes a key-ingredient in lip serums, masks, creams, and gels, your skin can be tricked into thinking it was stung by an actual bee, which increases blood circulation and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. 

As a result, your skin will feel tightened, plumped, and firmer, while fine lines and wrinkles will smoothen temporarily. Used regularly, honeybee venom-based cosmetic products will fight against the process of skin aging and all its symptoms, including uneven complexion, fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin.  And, since it also stimulates the production of collagen, the venom can also be used to treat acne marks, scars, and even superficial birthmarks or cuts.