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What Are the Top 4 Period Products Women Can Buy in 2019?

For generations, women were limited and almost held hostage by the minimal selection of period products available. Because of the subpar options, many women had to come up with DIY methods of protection to ensure they could make it through the day without issues. These DIY methods might help women from different parts of the world survive their period but most of the time, these methods can be inconvenient. Can you imagine how tedious it’ll be for women to make products from scratch?

However, in 2019, this is no longer the case. Today, there’s a huge selection of period products available to purchase that make this time of the month more tolerable. With the number of period products available for women today, it’ll be easy for you to find one that suits your lifestyle and budget. Furthermore, comparing the two of the many possible skin conditions you can develop down there can help you find the products you’ll need to not only overcome them but to also survive “that time of the month.”

If you don’t have any idea what these period products are, continue reading below to find out more:

1. The Feminine Cup

Childbirth has a way of changing things significantly “down there.” The good news is, a period cup can help minimize accidents and discomfort.

An array of brands now offers the period cup and with innovative features, such as proper hold for those who have loose vaginal muscles. This is a common side effect of growing older and having children.

This isn’t the only benefit offered by the menstrual cup. When used properly, it can help prevent leakage for up to 12 hours. These cups are especially beneficial for women while they are at work, participating in strenuous activities, or traveling.

The feminine cup is actually a smart investment because this product can lower costs, and lessen the landfill wastes. Moreover, this period product can also reduce embarrassing odor from wearing tampons for long periods, balance vaginal pH levels, and is very easy to use.

2. Tampons Designed for Active Lifestyles

Physical activity is daunting, especially when Aunt Flo comes for a visit. Many women feel that the next move will be the “doozie” that results in a visible and embarrassing stain on their pants. Heavy periods can become the reason why women will excuse themselves from strenuous activities rather than participating in them. This can have adverse effects on your productivity and social life. How can you have the confidence to stand in front of your bosses if you’re too conscious about leaks? How can you perform at your best when playing sports if you have heavy periods?

With the sports tampons offered by Playtex, Tampax, and other brands, it’s possible to overcome this legitimate fear. These tampons use unique technology, which consists of interlocking fibers that move with the wearer’s movement.

This feature makes it possible to halt leaks before they begin. Using this allows a person to be as active as they want with no negative repercussions.

3. Pads with Wings

Many women find pads comfortable and easy to wear during their period. To reap these benefits, finding the right pad is necessary.

The best options are super absorbent, allowing them to hold up ten times their weight. This increases protection and comfort for leaks for up to eight hours. It also does all this with no discomfort and without being too heavy.

Pads with wings are very easy to use but are usually enough for women to remain active even with heavy periods. This product stays in place, allowing women to walk with ease and not worry about having any leaks.

Choosing the right menstrual pads with wings involves determining the materials used to ensure comfort and safety. Many manufacturers don’t indicate the exact composition of menstrual pads. Generally, period pads are made of cotton, bleached rayon or wood pulp cellulose, and plastic materials. Also, some pads have antibacterial agents and fragrances.

When buying pads online, check the seller’s listing and find the listed country of origin and manufacturer’s details. Avoid buying cheap pads online without identifying the materials used. As much as possible, buy period pads only from established brands. 

In addition, you can get advice from trusted people, such as your mom, sister, or best friend. Consulting a gynecologist or family doctor is also a good idea to get an expert product recommendation. Furthermore, if you feel itchiness or discomfort wearing a new menstrual pad, remove and discard it immediately and properly. Your skin might be allergic to the pad material used.

4. Period Panties

While many enjoy how easy menstrual pads are to use, it’s not appealing to think about how they work. Women must sit in a pool of their blood, sometimes for hours. This can become a problem, especially for women who usually travel every single day. Wearing menstrual pads can prevent leaks, but using this for hours and even days can cause severe rash and itch on the skin. In worse cases, wearing menstrual pads can result in skin allergies.

With period panties, this is no longer an issue. That’s because, even though they look and feel like typical underwear, they aren’t. These are absorbent, meaning they can serve as a pad on light flow days.

The panties are made from moisture-wicking material, keeping liquid away from the body. What makes period panties even more beneficial is that they can be worn all day and there’s no tag, improving the comfort. If that’s not enough, modern period panties can be reused.

When choosing period panties, it’s crucial to consider the material. One of the best fabrics is cotton. Cotton period underwear is breathable, durable, and absorbent. It helps prevent skin irritation and chafing from using menstrual pads. Hence, wearing cotton-period underwear is the solution to common menstruation problems teenage and adult women experience.

Dealing with Periods in the Modern World

Every woman will eventually have to deal with their period. When the time arrives, having the right products on hand can make the situation much easier. The list of period products here allows women to feel confident to go about their day-to-day lives without fear of embarrassment or accidents. Finding the right product is often a process of trial and error, but the comfort and quality of life provided are worth it.