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Hair Care Tips For Women With Curly Hair

Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. It enhances one’s beauty. Curly hair especially is the craziest fashion of these days. The voluminous, shiny and bouncy curly hair shows another level of beauty, but to maintain healthy curly hair, some measures need to be taken regularly. Tips for curly hair are really helpful for those women who lead a busy life.

Dust and pollution make curly hair frizzy and unmanageable. Whether it is long or short, the combination of curves and coils with twisted turns is a very delicate issue. Because of the curliness, the moisture of the hair reduces very frequently, so it requires extra care than straight hair. Thus, if you have curly hair and you are looking for hair care tips, then this article will be highly beneficial for you.

1. Oil Massage:

As curly hair loses its moisture quickly compared with straight hair, massaging with hair oil is a very crucial part when it comes to curly hair care. Also for people who need to control all other hair infections like lice, they can check through lice treatment service near me.

Hot coconut oil massage with castor oil and vitamin E tablet magically works for hair growth and against hair fall, so hot oil massage, three times a week, is a mandatory part.

2. Use Shampoo Regularly But Not Every Day:

Harsh shampoos are very harmful to your hair. It soaks the natural oil from the hair and makes them rough and breezy. Always try to use mild herbal shampoo for curly hair.

Shampoo cleans the scalp and the hair root, so while shampooing, rubbing with fingers is strictly avoided. It loses the hair root and increases the hair fall tendency. Always use light fingertip. It not only cleans your scalp but helps to increase the blood circulation in the hair.

However, refrain from shampooing daily. Applying shampoo, every day is a big reason for hair fall, freezes, and dullness of hair. Every shampoo is composed of certain chemicals, so avoid applying it regularly but not daily. It can be a life-saving matter for your hair.

3. Conditioning Thoroughly:

This is the most important part of taking care of your curly hair. After applying oil and then shampoo, the moisture of the curly hair reduces, so for rejuvenating the moisture, hair conditioning is a must. It helps to detangle the curly hair easily.

After applying shampoo, apply conditioner thoroughly to your hair, but avoid the scalp. Keep it for 5 to 10 minutes to work properly, and then again gently wash the hair with plain water. Don’t rub the hair much.

4. Wet Hair Care:

After cleaning and washing the curly hair, never rub the hair with a towel. Always dab it gently and thoroughly. Avoid combing harshly to detangle the hair. It increases hair fall too much. Avoid pulling hair while detangling. Keep patience and do it slowly.

5. Apply Hair Masks:

One more important tip for maintaining your long curly hair is to apply a hair pack. In an interval of every 15 days, some refreshing hair pack needs to be applied on your curly hair. Plain sour Curd, aloe vera gel (raw or any brand product), banana pulp, fenugreek seeds are excellent ingredients for making homemade hair masks.

6. Refrain from Using Hair Dryers and Straighteners:

In our busy life, hair-dryers and hair straighteners are life-savers, but these two gadgets are tremendously harmful to kinky hair. They thin out the hair thickness, soak a lot of moisture, make them frizzy and dull, so avoid using them. However, if you need to use it, then apply hair mist or hair serum on wet hair, prior to its usage.


We hope these hair care tips will help women with curly hair to resolve their problems. However, if the problems persist, then visit a dermatologist and undergo proper treatment.