Briogeo Sea Goddess Hair + Body Shimmer Mist Review

Whether you prefer to slather your body with shimmer every day (because why not?!) or during festival seasons only, one thing is for sure, you’ll LOVE the shimmer this product will give you. But of course, there’s always a downside. Read my Briogeo Sea Goddess Hair and Body Shimmer Mist review to learn more about it.

The Briogeo Sea Goddess Hair + Body Shimmer Mist diffuses light and gives an iridescent shine, it's so BEAUTIFUL! It's honestly one of the most beautiful body shimmers I used. Unfortunately, the glitters get stuck on the spray so you end up with only water,
It gives an iridescent silvery-blue shine that diffuses light. Subtle enough for every day use when you want to feel extra. And buildable for a crazy shimmery look for summer festivals.
It also smells good
Lasts up to 5 hours.
The mica is synthetic so this is cruelty-free and ethically-sourced.
The mica particles get stuck on the spray nozzle very easily, so you end up with only water mists.
It also transfers, but what body shimmer isn't?


Briogeo Sea Goddess Hair + Body Shimmer Mist a multi-use spritz enriched with silvery-blue iridescent particles to leave your tresses – and your body – glimmering like the ocean. The formula is subtle enough to wear throughout the day or can be built up to create a mermaid-Esque sheen that even the mighty Ariel would be envious of. Better yet? It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and void of parabens and silicones.

briogeo sea goddess hair and body shimmer mist review


This mist contains “naturally-derived silvery-blue mica particles, which diffuse light for an iridescent shine.” which kinda worried me because of some mica are not ethically sourced, some are illegally mined by underaged children in India. Good thing, I saw the ingredient list and it says that this contains “Synthetic Fluorphlogopite” which means Briogeo uses synthetic mica that are made in a lab, not from cruel conditions. You can read its full ingredient list in CosDNA.

Not all “natural ingredients” are good. Sometimes, synthetic ingredients are better. Not just because it might be unethically-sourced, sometimes synthetic ingredients are made so the harmful side effects are removed or harvesting it can cause a bigger enviromental disaster.


APPLICATION: First of all, make sure to shake this mist very well before layering over-styled hair, building it up to your desired sheen. And then spritz over arms, legs and décolleté for a shimmery glow on your body.

SCENT: It has a very lovely floral citrus scent. I wish the scent lasts as long as the shimmer because it smells really good.

PACKAGING: I do love that it’s a see-through plastic spray bottle so I could the shimmer inside especially when I shake the bottle. However, it is so disappointing that I could use it anymore after using it JUST ONCE! Because those shimmering mica particles got stock on the spray nozzle so only the water is getting out, no more shimmer coming out at all. I opened the bottle and tried to clean the nozzle but the same thing still happened. They really need to improve the packaging of this product because…

TEXTURE & FORMULA: This is one of the best hair and body shimmer product I ever used! It is subtle enough for everyday use but it is also buildable, you can layer as much as you want if you want to go crazy shimmery for music summer festivals. This is also very lightweight which I suspect it has no oil in it, so the product tends to transfer. It lasts up to 5 hours in my observation, but if you want it to last all night for a party, I suggest using a hair or body oil first before spraying it.


The Briogeo Sea Goddess Hair + Body Shimmer Mist diffuses light and gives an iridescent shine, it’s so BEAUTIFUL! It’s honestly one of the most beautiful body shimmers I used. I honestly used it on my hair when I just went out for grocery shopping and Korean BBQ dinner with some friends. And yes, I got a lot of compliments because it also matches my violet hair. It also smells so good, so it’s really disappointing that the tiny mica particles are getting stuck on the spray nozzle so after 3 or even just ONE USE, it’s practically useless. Unless you transfer it on another spray bottle. But the same thing will also happen.

Good Alternative

If you’re looking for big ass glitter for your hair and body that easily appear on photos, then this is not the product for you. This is just a shimmer, not a body glitter. For that, I recommend the IGK House Party Hair + Body Glitter Stick instead.


You can purchase the Briogeo Sea Goddess Hair + Body Shimmer Mist in Cult Beauty for £17.92 (for people who live outside of the UK). They ship internationally, including to the Philippines. They also offer free shipping and 15% off your first order.

This is also available in Sephora US for $24 and Sephora Philippines for Php1480.

What do you think of this Briogeo Sea Goddess Hair and Body Shimmer Mist review? Do you use products like this every day or in music festivals only? Share your thoughts on the comment section below!