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BLK Universal Collection Review

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think BLK Cosmetics is the first ever Philippine beauty brand that used men in their marketing campaign. It’s because the Universal collection was made with everyone in mind, which is also the first in this country, as far as I know. The products come in flattering neutral colors that can suit a variety of skin tones and can be used in multiple ways all over your face. And luckily, BLK sent me a PR gift so I can try some products from their latest line. Below is my BLK Universal Collection review.

blk universal collection all-day lip review

All-Day Lip

This is A LOT different from their All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick even from those tiny Holiday collection. Because those previous lipsticks feel matte and so drying on the lips, it was kinda hard to apply. But this one is quite smooth and comfortable on the lips! They claimed to perfected their formula with Vitamin E and Camellia oil which made this an ultra comfortable lipstick that delivers a perfect matte nude for all-day-wear. Having said that, the All-Day Lips is not transfer-proof so you have to reapply it when you eat, drink… amongst other things. **wink**

It comes in four universally flattering shades which are Toffee, Mocha, Caramel, and this one I received is the Latte. The shades Caramel and Toffee was my fave when I looked at the swatched online because I find the other two shades too dark. But when I applied this Latte shade, I was surprised how it compliments my morena skin tone! I think they are indeed universally flattering. And so, this has become my go-to everyday lipstick, I keep it in my bag!

PRICE: Php299

blk universal collection multi-use tint duo review

Universal Multi-Tint Duo

This one is my favorite from the PR package. I just love multi-use beauty products these days. This multi-purpose tint claims to blend seamlessly into your skin’s surface offering a healthy flushed-glow for cheeks, lips, and eyes. It comes in two variants, Nutmeg and this one I have which is the Cinnamon.

The water tint can be used on both cheeks and lips which reminds me of the Peripera Water Ink but twice more pigmented, although, it’s too watery for the eyes. While the matte tint can be used on all lips, cheeks, and the eyes. The formula is not too thick and feels a little velvety which made it easy to blend on the skin. It also feels lightweight and quite pigmented. Both tints last longer than I expected. It can last up to 4-5 hours.

PRICE: Php399

blk universal collection adapting moisture balm review

Color-Adapting Moisture Balm

This nourishing lip balm adapts to your natural lip color. This color adapting technology claims to give you healthy-looking lips instantly whilst conditioning and protecting them over time. But take note, the hue will depend on your lips’ natural color and your body’s pH level.

One of the women from the beauty forum I joined claimed this is a great dupe of the Dior Lip Glow but this one from BLK Universal Collection is a little better because it’s less thick and tacky, according to her. Personally, I don’t like using lip balms. And I am still not a fan after using this one, but I tolerate it. I do like that it gives my lips a little pink hue.

PRICE: Php299


blk universal collection review - swatch
From left to right: Color-Adapting Moisture Balm, All-Day Lip, and the Multi-Use Tim Duo in Water and Matte.

BLK Cosmetics only sent me all the lipstick products and one brow stick from their collection. I don’t know why the Skin Tint is not in the PR package, but I think I know why the Multi-Tasking Color Stick isn’t. According to my fellow beauty influencer, @glowcounsel, the color stick is not yet available, she asked the saleslady from the BLK Cosmetics kiosk and they told her it will be launch later this month. Anyway, below is the last product (but not least) of this BLK Universal Collection review.

blk universal collection brow stick review

Brow Stick: Pencil + Mascara

This one comes with a creamy pencil and a very tiny brow mascara, tinier than the Glossier Boy Brow! I thought the cream pencil’s formula will be waxy like those affordable brow products but it isn’t. It blended seamlessly on my bushy brows. While the mascara was not that bad either. It’s perfect for those with thin brows because just like Glossier, it seems like it creates an illusion of more hair. However, it sets quite long so you have to be patient.

This also comes in two shades, Taupe and this one I received is Natural Brown. It cost Php399.

blk universal collection brow stick pencil + mascara review


The BLK Universal Collection (except for the Skin Tint and the Multi-Tasking Color Stick) is truly universally flattering. My favorite would be their reformulated All-Day Lip because it is much better than their previous formula. It is the comfiest bullet lipstick I ever tried!

The runner up would be the Multi-Use Tint Duo because of its versatility. I could bring it alone in my bag and I have a complete makeup look.


You can buy the entire BLK Cosmetics Universal Collection in their website and their stores nationwide.

You can also purchase them all in Lazada.

What do you of this BLK Universal Collection review? Which one would you like to try first? Share your thoughts on the comment section below!