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Are Activated Charcoal Cosmetic Products Legit?

Looking beautiful is the desire of so many hearts that beauty industry experts are always busy in their labs, experimenting with new things to storm the beauty industry. Something new, effective, and different is the aim! And this time they have brought in charcoal cosmetic products in the scene followed by a huge buzz. Yes, coal is no more merely for BBQ parties, it is part of cleansers, face masks, and dental care products with a promise to brighten skin, get flawless complexion, cure acne and whiten teeth.

Activated charcoal is not the same thing obtained from heating wood or charcoal bricks. It’s obtained by superheating carbon sources like coal, peat, bamboo, coconut shells, and wood which produces porous, sponge-like substance. This is what activated charcoal is – new sweetheart in the beauty industry making everybody gaga! No wonder that it’s selling like crazy on online beauty shops like Actinera.

But some voices who somehow managed to save themselves from falling for activated charcoal head over heels are raising questions on its effectiveness. Is it worth the buzz or just another social media hero sneaking in our lives on the power of mere hype?

Here is what you all need to know about this new love of the beauty freaks:

Adsorption Power

Before activated charcoal entered in our beauty and dental products, deodorants, smoothies, cocktails, and ice-creams, it was part of emergency rooms. Hospitals use it as an antidote to detox from a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning as it has a strong adhesive ability. It sticks to the toxins and prevents them from becoming part of the circulatory system. The same mechanism works in cosmetic products!

Activated charcoal in our skincare products acts like a magnet, attaching to oil, dirt, bacteria, and pollutants. Once you rinse your face, all these beauty killers wash away, leaving behind clear, healthy, and flawless skin.

Large Surface Area

The formation process of activated charcoal is designed to increase the surface area of the charcoal. It’s estimated that 1 gram of charcoal has 1000 square meters of surface area, increasing its adhesion area.

Its large surface area increases its capability to soak a large number of substances. Simply put, it can attach oil, dirt, and bacteria without running out of the capacity. This way, its effectiveness to brighten up the skin and treat acne increases manifolds.

No Absorption in Skin

Despite the activated charcoal having the seamless capability to soak dirt, oil, and bacteria, it itself doesn’t get absorbed in the skin. It’s good news for people scared with the thought that activated charcoal might trespass their skin layer and aggravate their skin allergies and other problems – it doesn’t! Though it doesn’t treat severe skin problems, it also doesn’t worsen the scenario. It just remains on the upper skin layer doing its dirt, oil, and bacteria removal work effectively.

Sometimes, experiments of the beauty experts are a hit, and sometimes they are a miss. But reviews and never-ending hype of activated charcoal products show that the entrance of coal from our bricks to our beauty care products has hit on the spot. Try it and find that does it do wonders for you too?