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The Advantages of Mink Brazilian Hair

For a person who is up to date with the latest development with hair trends, they must know that there is a mink Brazilian hair extension frenzy going on and for a good reason. In most cases, mink coats dominate most conversations, but what about the mink hair? First of all, it is essential to point out that no harm is being caused to the animals in the process of making this hair. Mink is a term that is used to describe high-quality virgin hair, with silky softness, long-lasting durability, and a finish that makes the curls appear to be natural. When such terms are used within the industry, many people tend to think they are just marketing terms, but the current trend is proving to be different. The overwhelming reviews are confirming that mink hair is more than just a marketing term.

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Origin of the Term Mink

There is real mink hair or mink fur that comes from an animal by the name mink. Mink has very short, dark brown hair that is silky. This commonality is noticeable in the mink extensions. The fur of a mink has been in use since a very long time when it was being used to make high-quality coats by the then hunters. However, it is worth noting that the animal and the weave are two different things. The hair companies just try to imitate the traits found in a mink’s fur. 

What is Mink Hair?

For one to come up with a clear description of what mink is, one needs to understand what virgin hair is. Human hair is hair from a living donor that has never been dyed, had any chemical treatment, or any form of harmful material in their hair. Afterward, the donors give their hair to seller or manufacturers who treat and process the hair making it perfect for selling. When no chemical is used on the hair whatsoever, it is considered to be a virgin quality.  Virgin hair is only accepted if it is from a specific group of donors who are known for producing the best grade. The most common natural traits present in mink Brazilian hair are thick bundles, cuticles are facing the same direction, doesn’t tangle easily, double stitch wefts, and natural glossy texture. Overall, mink hair can be said to be of high-quality hence offering customer satisfaction.

Marketing in Mink Hair

Some people have issues with mink hair once they purchase them as they mostly lack in quality. When it comes to mink hair, it is possible to market it with various hair types. As such, it is worth noting that mink hair is at times used as a marketing term. For example, many traders will label Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysia as mink hair in a bid to attract more customers. It has no real technical classification and can become any hair that the seller wants it to be. This being said, one need not worry when purchasing mink hair as they will be some notable traits that will assure you of the quality you are buying. Understanding the terms used in the industry helps one reduce the time taken to choose a hair while still landing a high-quality mink hair weave.

Advantages of Mink Hair Weave

  • Quality

The quality of mink hair is the best there is in the market, which is probably the reason for its high prices. It is evident that mink hair is one of the highest quality virgin hair. One can be assured that any mink hair extension purchased will be silky smooth, very thick, and very full in comparison to other weaves. Given that the hair is from donors, who have never added any chemical products, it makes the hair more versatile and accessible to styles. With mink hair, all the cuticles face in the same direction making the tresses extremely smooth. The extra softness makes the weave tangle-free, and less stressful to brush, wash, and comb through.

  • Long lasting durability

One of the reasons that are making customers rave about mink hair is because of its amazing durability. As much as the hair is more expensive compared to others, the price paid is worth the quality. In an ideal situation, the human hair extension lasts between 10 to 18 months. In comparison, the mink hair can last well over two years, making it a worthwhile investment. Within that period, the mink hair maintains its lustrous color as well as accepting new colors. It is possible to do whatever one wishes to do with the mink hair as it is as good as any natural hair. The quality and the longevity of the mink hair is top of the class making people want to try out the mink hair extensions.

  • Holds Curls for Long

The quality of mink Brazilian hair is without a doubt among the best in the market. Regardless of the texture, the mink Brazilian hair extensions are especially in demand because they are made of 100% human hair. This means that the extension allows for various styles, and also it is possible to get one that can hold curls for longer.

Allows for Styling: In most cases, hair extensions do not allow a person to have various styles. However, this is different when it comes to mink hair, as it is possible to style a person’s hair. Also, it is possible to trim mink hair while still maintaining the looks unlike while using other hair extensions.

Last Thoughts

Overall, it is worth noting that mink hair is a method to describe extensions or weaves that are top class and high-quality. It is worth noting that whatever people say about mink Brazilian hair is not gospel truth and one should make a point of coming up with their conclusions. To do so, one should make sure they have a look at the reviews posted and also research the comments posted on vendors’ websites. Finally, one should trust their first judgment when it comes to purchasing mink hair.