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Sunnies Face vs. 3CE vs. K-Palette: Which Blush is the Best For You?

This comparison review is actually requested by many people. But they’re just asking for a Sunnies Face Airblush vs 3CE Take A Layer Multi-Pot comparison review. I just happen to own a K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint too, and it’s a Japanese brand, so I decided to include it in this post as well.


Sunnies Face Airblush is a soft-focus sheer cheek tint with a silky matte finish. The ultra-fine pigments blend seamlessly onto your skin for a filtered flush.

While the 3CE Take A Layer Multi-Pot is a 3-in-1 formula for your lips, cheeks, and eyes to customize your makeup looks. It claims to have a highly pigmented formula that delivers vivid colors for a brightening effect on your lips, cheeks, and yes, eyes.

And the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint is a blush formulated with moisturizing ingredients that leave the skin glowing. It has a special penetrating color formula and applies like a non-streaky powder. It applies smoothly and lasts long. It also claims to be non-sticky and lightweight on the skin.


When it comes to net weight, the Sunnies Face Airblush loss this round, although it is the cheapest among the 3 blushes, it only contains 2.5 grams. While the 3CE Take A Layer Multi-Pot contains 4.2 grams and the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint contains 6.5 grams. But when it comes to the boxes, I find K-Palette’s packaging unnecessarily big and contains too much plastic for a product that is quite small. I wish they’ll repackage to a more sustainable one.

The 3CE is the one with the gold packaging, Sunnies Face on the top with packaging the same color as its blush, and K-Palette is the one with the black packaging.


Sunnies Face Airblush

The Sunnies Face Airblush has a really balmy formula. It claims to have a cream to powder formula with a silky velvety finish, which I never really felt. Maybe because I have oily skin. Those with dry skin said this blush is hard to blend on them and can highlight dry patches.

The finish is very sheer but buildable. For a morena like me, it takes 5-6 layers for the Peached, Doll, and Biscuit shades to pop out. While maybe less for bolder shades like Razz, Moon, and Disco. Actually, some shades are so sheer, I can’t really use it on my lips.

Putting on that much layer on each cheek is not really a problem for me, my problem is the product only contain 2.5g so it may not last that long if used every day. Plus, it doesn’t really last that long. It only lasted less than 2 hours on me. I was in a vet clinic for an hour or so near our home for my cat’s checkup, when I got back in the car, my blush was gone.

3CE Take A Layer Multi-Pot

This one has a cream to powder formula as well. And you will really feel that the finish is powdery matte. It is also highly pigmented, the colors really do pop in just a layer or two. It lasts around 5-6 hours on me even after I played in an adventure park for an hour. Though the longevity is not the same on the lips.

It only lasts around 2-3 hours on lips, and when you eat or drink, it’s gone! You can also use this on the eyes, but I don’t usually use this on there honestly. But when I do, the shade really pops on my eyes and lasts long as well. Though it’s really crucial to remove excess oil because it tends to crease and wipe out easily.

Speaking of creasing, just like the Sunnies Face Airblush, this one also do not blend well on dry skin.

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint

Unlike the two blushes above, the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint is not a cream to powder formula. It’s just really balmy. However, it is surprisingly non-greasy, non-sticky, and more importantly, it last longer than I expected.

Although it is sheerer than Airblush because its 3 shades were made for paler Asian skin tones, it did last almost the whole day on my cheeks because I put a lot of layer. Though unlike the two blushes above, this one is just really for the cheeks, the color doesn’t pop out at all on the lip. But I tried it on my eyes, and it works, just a little.

But among the three, people with dry skin will like this one because it will still blend well on them due to its balmy texture.


For beginners, students and makeup noobs, the Sunnies Face Airblush is perfect for them because the sheerness of the shades can be forgiving if you put too much. Plus, it’s easy to erase if ever you make an error, and this is the cheapest blush among the three. It only cost Php445. You buy this in Zalora and Lazada.

For everyone, noobs and pros, the 3CE Take A Layer Multi-Pot is for you. It is highly pigmented and lasts a decent amount of time on the face. Plus, it’s a multi-use product that is NOT gimmicky. But it cost $24 in Style Korean, Php1050 in Lazada or Php1485 in Sephora Philippines.

For those with dry skin, you will like the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint. Because it’s easy to use, lasts decently on dry skin, and blends well on your skin. The only downside is it only has 3 shades that mostly flatter those with paler skin tones. It cost Php795 in Zalora.

So what do you the Sunnies Face Airblush vs 3CE Take A Layer Multi-Pot vs K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint comparison review? Which one would you like to try?