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Hair Extensions: Choosing the Right Weight and Length

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

If you are new to the exciting world of adding faux tresses to your look or you are an experienced weave-wearer, it is worth your while to find out what length and width are ideal for your hair-type and look you are going for.

Getting hair extensions is one of the most exciting and simple ways to take your look from blah to awe! Knowing your length, weight, and color though can make or break your look. Do your research and pick out the right look for your locks.

All lengths are not created equal!

Make sure when you are choosing your hair length, you check the weight as well. For example, a popular length like 18-inch hair extensions, comes in different weights, even though they are all eighteen inches. If your natural hair is very fine, choosing a heavy extension will weigh it down and look unnatural. Instead, opt for the closest weight and body of your hair for the smoothest transition.

Size Matters

The typical recommendation for hair extensions is within two inches of your natural hair length. This will give you a full body look that most women love. Go online or in stores to test out different looks. Keep in mind that long doesn’t mean heavy. If you want a fuller look you can get 18-inch hair extensions that weigh 135 grams. If you want a lighter look you can still get an eighteen-inch extension for your hair that weighs as little as 25 grams! One thing that is so amazing about hair extensions is how versatile they are.


It used to be that the longer the hair extension the higher the cost. Today regardless of the length you can find beautiful real hair affordable hair extensions.  Popular brands like GeeHair (short for Genius Hair) offer a wide range of lengths, weights, and colors for around £100. In a salon expect to pay thousands for elegant real human hair extensions.

Change Your Look

 A lot of people choose a twenty or twenty-two-inch hair extension, but these usually require a cut for most people. We suggest choosing an eighteen-inch that will look beautiful and need little to no care. At only around £100, you can afford to treat yourself to a new look all the time.

For example, if you want a wow look for a night on the town and have shoulder length hair, choose an 18-inch hair extension with a sexy wave and highlights. You can find a range of colors and mixed colors such as a light mixed brown that has warm and ash tones. Choosing 100% human hair no longer has to be restricted to big budgets. Using a Multiway Weft creates such a gorgeous natural look. When choosing 18-inch hair, keep in mind that the hair will cascade to the middle of your back, for a longer look you can choose the 22-inch weft.

For every day look you can mix and match some beautiful same eighteen-inch hair extensions from human hair. Human hair can be washed and attached using clip-on attachments, like a Hook-on Halo ®, and you can go from drab to fab so easily!


When it comes to hair extensions, the sky is the limit. Hair extensions are no longer for the rich and famous, but for the everyday gal, who wants to feel and look that way. Choosing your right length, weight, cost, and color are so important. Choosing an eighteen-inch extension set for a day or night look is perfect. Add different tones for depth and texture like wave or curl. Since human hair is so accessible and affordable, play with your personal style. Hair extensions can be worn down or up, ponytails, or braided, you don’t have to feel limited by the color or style.

To purchase your perfect hair extensions, do your research, talk to your stylist and ask your friends. Make sure you have the right look for your skin tone and season. Hair extensions are so easy and a perfect boost to your look!