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Strengthen Your Lash Game

Not everyone has perfect eyelashes. You can use the eyelash curler, choose the best mascara and you still might feel like you’re behind on the lash game. When it comes to how you apply your makeup, you can’t forget your lashes. Your lashes can completely alter your look. If they are on point, then you can take your makeup to the next level. For some people, eyelash extensions or false lashes are enough to change the look. However, if you prefer a more natural look that you don’t have to put effort into every morning, then you may want to consider a lash perm.

What Is a Lash Perm?

A lash perm, or lash lift as it’s also called, is a process that’s been around for decades. However, it’s only recently risen in popularity. There has always been a lot of focus on eyelashes when it comes to beauty. In fact, there are a few reasons why scientists believe that beauty and eyelashes correlate. If you already have decent eyelashes, a lash lift kit can bring out the natural beauty of your lashes and give you the extra boost that you need. The lift curls your lashes so that you don’t have to curl them each day on your own.

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How the Process Works

Generally, stylists will use a silicone rod to achieve the curl. Much like a curling iron, the smaller the rod, the tighter that the curl will be. Next, a gentle adhesive secures the lashes around the rod to begin the perm. First, stylists will use a lifting lotion that sits on your lashes for a few minutes and then a setting lotion to lock the curl in. This lotion will also condition your lashes. Once your lashes curl, the term is complete.

You don’t have to go to a stylist, of course. There are at home treatments that you can use to get the same result. It’s important that you read all of the directions to make sure that you finish the lift properly.

When it comes to enviable lashes, there are a lot of options. A lash lift can make your eyes pop and give a natural curl to your eyelashes. If you’re used to curling your lashes every day as part of your makeup routine, a lash perm will give you that look without the extra work. Your lashes can completely change your makeup look and bring out your eyes.