Step Up Your Look Finding the Perfect Professional Accessory for Women

Step Up Your Look: Finding the Perfect Professional Accessory for Women

When you look the part, you feel the part. Dressing to impress isn’t just about looking your best; it’s a huge confidence boost too. 

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to the right professional accessory for women but if you’re having difficulty narrowing it down, here are some of the tops picks for women in the workplace.

Black Cardigan

During the Spring and Summer months, there may be days when it’s too warm to wear a suit jacket. You may find yourself heading to work in a blouse and suit skirt and thinking you’ll be fine for the day.

However, keeping a black cardigan as one of your many work accessories could be a lifesaver. If you work into the evening and the temperature drops a black cardigan will serve you well. It’s also a great asset if you stain your top during a lunch break.

A Watch

A watch isn’t just a practical tool during working hours, allowing you to keep time for your busy schedule, it’s also a great way to incorporate a touch of your personality. Whether you like something plain and simple or pink and sparkly, every woman should think about professional women’s watches.

In the same way, men use watches as a way of signalling their success, there should be no reason women can’t do the same.

Leather Bag

Nothing quite says professional like a leather bag or satchel. Businesswomen’s accessories like a leather satchel look fantastic but are very practical too. They’re ideal for holding laptops or tablets and it’s the perfect way to safely carry documents around with you.

A satchel can also be carried at your side or across your body for safety when using public transportation, and it can be neatly stowed underneath your work desk. These custom options allow you to choose your perfect leather accessory.

Flat Shoes

Although heels have a distinct professional quality about them, they’re often not practical for the work day. If you’re on your feet for a large chunk of the day, flats will be more comfortable and easier to wear.

However, flats don’t have to look unprofessional or ugly. For example, working accessories like Chanel flats, which have been designed with professional women in mind, are a great choice when you want comfort and style.

Simple, Beautiful Jewellery

When it comes to jewelry, the last thing you want to do is cover yourself in diamonds. If you’re looking for jewelry accessories for the workplace, simple is beautiful. Avoid statement necklaces and go for something understated instead.

Don’t overdo it with your jewelry. There’s no need to wear three necklaces, a bracelet, earrings, and toe rings. Try and stick to one or two pieces per day when you want to look professional.

Nail Polish

Ordinarily, your nail polish should be an extension of your personality. Perhaps you like to experiment with different colors or designs. You may even enjoy visiting the nail salon and coming up with different ideas with your technician.

However, when it comes to keeping it professional, there are a few tones you can always turn to. Clear or neutral colors, like nude or blush, are ideal for the office. If you want to spice things up a bit, go for colors like burgundy that jazz up the dreariest of days.

Safe Makeup

As women, we get to experiment with our makeup– otherwise what’s the fun? However, you should probably leave the dark eyes and glitter for the weekend. If you’re often in meetings or face-to-face with clients, it’s better to play it safe.

Keep your makeup neutral and stick to tones you know work. For example, it’s not wise to try out a new blusher for the first time in the office bathroom – you don’t want to accidentally leave looking like a clown.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a woman’s best friend during busy work periods. If you’re working yourself to the bone to finish a project and impress some new clients, you may not have time for anything else. Eating, drinking, and washing your hair will go straight out the window.

So, get the local takeaway on speed dial and stock up on some dry shampoo in the office. It’s the best way to walk through the office looking as fresh as a daisy without sacrificing your deadline.

Light Perfume

An overpowering scent can be off-putting when you’re in close proximity to clients and colleagues. Although your preference may be a strong perfume outside of work, it’s important to stick to a light fragrance for the office.

A discreet scent tells people that you care about smelling nice in the workplace but you don’t want it to overshadow your work. 

Day Planner

When you’re busy at work, a day planner can come in really handy. Spending the first half hour of your day planning can increase your productivity levels significantly. There are plenty of ways to plan your day successfully.

Work accessories like planning apps are fantastic for scheduling and timekeeping. However, it’s always worth having a planner or notebook with you to write down important memos or notes during meetings.


No true businesswoman can be without her trusted smartphone in this day and age and a smartphone is without question the most popular choice. Along with sending emails, signing documents and chatting with clients, the smartphone can help you with just about any daily task.

You can also receive messages on the go so you don’t have to miss out on anything when you step out of the office.

Confidence- The Best Professional Accessory for Women

The best professional accessory for women is undoubtedly confidence, and the way you look can help to transform your confidence and self-esteem.  For more tips on how to look and feel your best in the workplace, take a look at Style Vanity. You’ll find tips on fashion, beauty, and wellness so you can feel and look your best even on the busiest of times.