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Fashion for a Cause: 10 Fashion Brands That Give Back with Every Purchase

The average American spends nearly $2000.00 on clothing every year. That’s a considerable amount seeing as how the average income is only $35,000.

That big spend is good news for clothing companies like Nike who make billions of dollars servicing consumer’s insatiable appetite to look good.

What if we told you though that all of your spendings on clothes could help people in need fill up their empty fridges in addition to helping you look your best? Would you be interested in finding out how that relationship works?

Fortunately, all you have to do to help your community while helping yourself is to buy brands that give back with purchase.

Below, we’ve put together a list of such brands so you know where to direct your consumerism in a conscious way during your next shopping spree.

1. Toms

One of the most famous brands that give back with purchase is none other than the shoe brand “Toms”.

Toms actually built its brand around its signature promise of donating a pair of shoes to a child or teen in need with every pair of shoes sold. That impressive mission more than justifies the somewhat steep price that this manufacturer charges for its relatively basic kicks.

2. People Tree

When you hear the name People Tree it’s like you immediately know that they’re doing something wholesome for the world.

People Tree is a UK clothing brand that’s focused on creating jobs in underserved communities around the globe. On top of creating those jobs, People Tree ensures that their products produced in the developing countries are sold at fair trade rates.

3. H&M

Speaking of labor abuse, H&M is no stranger to accusations on that front. The company does most of its manufacturing in India and then, after importing clothing, still manages to sell its wares at rock-bottom rates in the USA and other affluent parts of the world.

The big losers in that arrangement tend to be the factory workers.

To rehab its image and to ensure its continued viability, H&M now offers a sustainable collection of brand-name clothing that works to support the communities in which its products are made.

Furthermore, H&M recycles textiles by allowing customers to drop off their used clothing in exchange for coupons.

4. Made

There are few names bigger in the fair trade jewelry game than Made. Made employs a number of men and women in Kenya and has also helped spearhead charity efforts alongside mega brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton.

Don’t let all of that good-doing make you think that Made isn’t focusing on delivering quality products by the way… This jewelry maker’s handcrafted pieces are right up there with other quality brands that more frequently ask you to “shop our bracelets“.

Our team does and will continue to shop for bracelets at Made, and we think that you should too!

5. Nike

Another big brand that does its part when it comes to donating some of its profits is Nike. Nike’s primary aim is fitness when it comes to charitable contributions and to that end, it has helped launch sports programs and physical education services all over the world.

Undoubtedly, Nike’s efforts will have a positive impact on helping usher in a healthier generation of young adults in the next few years.

6. Out of Print

Our team loves reading almost as much as we love writing! That’s why it makes us sad to think that a lot of communities with poor funding don’t have access to books.

Out of Print shares in our concern and to help remedy the issue, donates a book to an underserved area every time one of its literary-inspired accessories are purchased.

7. Visible Clothing

Another strong brand in the “fair work for fair pay” movement is Visible Clothing. As its name suggests, this brand looks to not only provide consumers with quality clothing but also wants to educate them on where their clothing comes from.

By making every part of the clothes creating process “visible” to consumers, this brand hopes to create a more conscious buyer that is willing to pay a little more to better support people who often get ignored in the supply chain.

8. Article 22

“Make love, not war”.

We think that popular slogan inspired Article 22’s core mission.

Article 22 makes accessories out of items that were originally intended to hurt people. For example, it created a whole line of bracelets out of bombs that were dropped over Vietnam.

By allowing locals to repurpose weapons that were meant to hurt them into art, Article 22 not only heals wounds but allows affected communities the opportunity to better support themselves.

9. BeGood Clothes

Fashion is beautiful when you’re wearing it but the process of making it is a lot uglier. Third world countries have long suffered from the environmental effects that fashion has imposed on them via manufacturing.

BeGood Clothes is conscious of that reality and has built its business around proving that things don’t need to be that way.

BeGood not only produces only 10% of the waste that traditional clothing makers do, but it also invests in clean drinking water within the communities most damaged by fashion’s history of abuse.

10. Rainbow Sandals

Last but certainly not least on our brands that give back with purchase list is Rainbow Sandals.

Rainbow Sandals are absurdly comfortable and last an extremely long time. That attention to quality has in no way diminished the brand’s attention to the community.

Currently, Rainbow gives to well over 20 charitable causes.

Wrapping Up Fashion Brands That Give Back with Purchase

When you buy from fashion brands that give back with a purchase, you not only make investments in your own well-being but you also invest in the well being of others.

That mutual investment is a powerful thing that we think is well worth your consideration. Keep learning about how to maximize the way you look in the best ways possible by diving deeper into the content pool on Style Vanity today!