10 Creative DIY Fashion Projects You'll Love Crafting and Showing Off

10 Creative DIY Fashion Projects You’ll Love Crafting and Showing Off

Crafting, knitting, sewing, and other ways to create DIY fashion projects are all about making something truly unique.

As such, it stands to reason that millennials – with their strong interest in creative outlets for self-expression – now make up 41 percent of the country’s crafters.   

But, whether you’re a keen crafter or you’d just like to add a DIY-twist to some of your clothes and accessories, there are tons of ways to show off your creativity. 

Take fashion into your own hands with these fun DIY projects! 

1. Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Tie-dye is the hottest trend of the summer, making this one of the best fashion project ideas to try out now. 

You’ll need a white 100% cotton t-shirt, as well as a tie-dye kit with all the necessary equipment. This includes dyes in squeezy bottles, soda ash, urea, rubber gloves, rubber bands, and instructions. For some top tips on how to get the best results, check out this step-by-step DIY tie-dying guide

2. Multi-Strap Bra

DIY fashion ideas a great way to breathe new life into old items like loose bras. For this project, you’ll need a black bra with removable straps, black elastic (0.5″ wide), and sewing materials. 

First, cut off the back strap, then pin and sew three strips of elastic to one side of the bra. Measure the elastic around your body, then pin and sew the strips so that the bra fits around your back. Leave it like this for a strapless bra, or use the same black elastic to make shoulder straps if you prefer. 

The result will a fashionable underwear item that you’ll want to show off under loose tanks and low-back dresses. Here are ways to turn that boring concrete-filled eyesore into a fresh, clean space everyone will enjoy. Visit here for more ways on how to clean walls with flat paint

3. Custom Buttons

DIY fashion accessories like custom buttons are perfect for adding interest to items like bags and jackets. 

And the best part is, there’s a dedicated website that will help you create unique and original buttons. All you need to do is choose your button size, upload any images, designs, or photos you want, and order now!

4. Colorful Distressed Jeans

If you’re a fan of fun DIY projects, chances are you’ve already turned some old jeans into cut-offs.  

But, for something a little different, this bright distressed denim is the perfect way to upgrade the classic jeans and a tee look. All you need is some old blue jeans, a craft knife, sandpaper, and a bright pink fabric marker. 

First, and several sections of your jeans to break down the fibers, then use the craft knife to expose the white threads underneath. For the final twist, use the pink fabric marker to add color to the exposed threads. 

5. Cut-Out T-Shirt

This Gucci-inspired t-shirt design has to be one of the simplest yet most effective DIY fashion ideas. All you need is a plain black t-shirt, a chalk pencil, and some fabric scissors.

Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface and use the pencil to draw out your pattern. Then, when you’re happy with the design, cut out your pattern. For an idea of what the finished product looks like, check out these step-by-step instructions

6. Studded Sneakers

Add an edge to a plain pair of tennis sneakers or old Converse with the help of some flat-back pyramid studs. 

Using extra-strong glue, attach your choice of gold or silver pyramid studs to the sneakers. Depending on the design of the sneakers you might want to apply the studs to the toecap, along the sides, or in a pattern of your choosing.  

7. Polka Dot Skinny Jeans

Creative fashion projects don’t have to take tons of equipment or lots of time. All you need for this simple yet striking idea is an old pair of black skinny jeans, and a paper diamond shape around 3″ across and 2.25″ tall.

To start, place the diamond in the middle of one pant leg then apply dots of bleach to just outside each corner of the shape. Using the diamond as a guide, continue making bleach dots all over the front of the jeans. Leave that side to dry then turn your jeans over and repeat on the back. 

8. Lashes Tee

A lash lift can really up to your lash game and make your eyes appear wider and brighter. Another way to let your lashes do all the talking is to DIY a lash design onto an old white t-shirt!

For this project, you’ll need a plain white t-shirt, cardboard, black textile paint, and a small sponge.

On the cardboard, draw your lashes design and then cut it out using sharp scissors or a craft knife. Hold the stencil in place on the t-shirt with some masking tape, then put some thick cardboard inside the t-shirt to avoid the paint soaking through. When you’re ready, apply the textile paint with the sponge. 

Leave it to dry then use the stencil to replicate the lash design on the other side, remembering to place the stencil around the other way this time. 

9. Leopard Print Shorts

This summer, animal print is an absolute must for your wardrobe. But, just like the rest of these fashion project ideas, going DIY will help you stand out from the rest of the pack. 

Colored denim shorts work best for this project, especially in unexpected shades like green, red, or purple. You’ll also need a craft knife, a black fabric pen, and a paper print-out of a leopard pattern. 

First, cut out the leopard design using the craft knife. Place the leopard stencil on your shorts and fill in the holes with the fabric pen. Repeat the pattern all over the shorts, then wait at least 24 hours before washing them. 

10. Tied Crop Shirt

Once you’ve got the hang of these easier fashion project ideas, you might feel ready to move onto making DIY clothes with the help of a sewing machine.

Don’t worry though, this project is easy enough for beginner sewers. All you need is an old button-up shirt, fabric scissors, pins, and your trusty sewing machine for the perfect summer shirt.  

Try Out These DIY Fashion Projects Today

With these DIY fashion projects to inspire you, it couldn’t be easier to reinvent your clothes and turn plain items into unique style statements. 

But, while these fashion project ideas will help you breathe life into old clothes, it’s also a good idea to take better care of your clothes in the first place.    To prolong the life of your favorite garments, check out these tips to make your clothes last longer.