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Stay Trendy for Cheap in 2019: Where to Find the Best Deals on Cute New Looks

Korean beauty products are all the rage right now because they’re inexpensive and they actually work.

What some people don’t know is that Korean fashion is just as in-style and even cheaper. But it can be difficult to find the best online clothes shopping with so many options out there.

Don’t worry because I’m going to guide you through the best deals on Korean fashion and other inexpensive yet stylish brands.

Ready to look good while saving money? Let’s get started with my first pick.

Yes Style

Yes Style is the web’s original source for Asian fashion brands. Based in Hong Kong, this is the best online clothes shopping for ladies on a budget.

You can find clothes as cheap as $4.66. But the online store also offers more high-end brands for every budget. Yes Style even has a wide selection of Korean fashion finds from less than $9.00 on up.

From sexy lingerie to glamorous gowns, you can find an outfit for every occasion at Yes Style.


China-based SheIn is a brand that prides itself on two things. This store ships their clothing to almost every country in the world and offers the latest trends at prices anyone can afford.

At SheIn, you can find clothing items for as cheap as $2.00. And the priciest clothing items? They never cost more than $40.00.

The online store offers 10% off for all first-time buyers, bringing your grand total down even more. Check the site to see if a pop-up store is in your area if you prefer shopping in-person.


If you’re looking for the best online clothes shopping, Romwe is the place to look. This brand targets the young and the fashionable and, like SheIn, they ship almost everywhere.

You can buy lingerie and stylish crop tops for as low as $1.95 and dresses from $4.40 on up. For anyone on a budget, you’ll low that Romwe’s most expensive items are less than $50.00.

Ethically sourced, on-trend, and inexpensive, you’ll feel completely guilt-free buying from Romwe.

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing started off small, but it has now grown into a must-have online store for shoppers in the US, the UK, Australia, and France. Aside from having great styles, Pretty Little Thing offers a wide range of sizes. All items are offered in both regular and plus-sizes.

This store is always having an awesome sale. You can find clothing items for up to 75% off and for as cheap as $4.95.

The real show-stoppers are their dress collections. If you’re shopping for prom on a budget, you’ll find beautiful formal gowns between $14.00 and $140.00.

Make sure you take advantage of Pretty Little Thing’s student discount for 40% off your online order.

As the name suggests, offers cheap online clothes shopping for girls. This company is based in Florida, but it offers an International Checkout option for anyone outside the US.

The site features a “Clothing Under 10” section with tops, bottoms, and dresses for $9.99 or less. There are more expensive clothing options on the site, but nothing will cost you more than $20.00.

With the option to buy the complete look, you can have your wardrobe picked out by experts and purchase it for one low price.

Dark Victory

Love Korean fashion? Then you’ll die for Dark Victory’s Made By Us fashion finds.

Though this is one of the more expensive online clothing stores on the list, Dark Victory’s clothing line is perfect for smaller budgets. You can find stylish pieces between $12.00 and $70.00. With all the staples and Korean fashion on Dark Victory, you’ll never want to shop at another online store again.

You can even earn reward points by leaving reviews for the items you purchase. That way, you can pay with your rewards once you earn enough.


If you’ve never heard of Amazon, you must be living under a rock. But if you didn’t know that Amazon is an amazing place to find Korean fashion, that’s understandable.

Type “Korean Fashion Women” into the search box on Amazon and see why everyone is raving about the site’s selection of trendy items. From clothes to bags and skincare products, Amazon has a massive array of awesome (and cheap) items.

You can also visit Amazon Global for products that ship to your country.

Forever 21

While Forever21 is known in the US for their massive department-style store, their online shopping offers just as many options. This family-owned business offers a mind-blowing selection of inexpensive yet trendy clothing.

Basics start at less than $3.00. And even with their exclusive designs by Gigi Hadid, Levis, and Members Only, the priciest clothing item only costs $80.00.

If you haven’t heard the news, Forever21 now sells beauty and nail items. Praised by nail-experts like My Clean Nails, Riley Rose is a great place to find fashionable acrylics and other beauty must-haves.


Based out of Seoul, South Korea, HotPing is your source for all things K-style. HotPing prides itself on offering clothes to women of all sizes and shapes.

With everything under $50.00, this online clothing store is similar to Forever21. Yet HotPing’s focus on the latest Korean fashion trends sets the store apart from its competition.

This beautiful store offers classic basics as well as funkier options with cool designs and organic patterns. The best part? All new items are discounted 10% so you can shop with style and finesse.

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Finding the best stores for inexpensive Korean fashion doesn’t have to be a headache. With this guide, you can head into the new season with confidence. Not to mention, a little extra money in your wallet.

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