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4 Types Of Skin And Care For Each

When it comes to skincare, different types of skin care routines and products are available in the market. With different price range and different brands, every type of user can find something they can use. However, the biggest factor when it comes to skincare is the type of skin itself.

There are different factors that affect the skin, including the skin type, diet, habits and daily skincare routine. A lot of women are also using makeup products to feel more confident and more beautiful regardless of the skin type. Skin types also affect what kind of makeup is the perfect match. With the rise of beauty makeup online, it is even easier to access different options for different makeup styles.

Factors That Affect Skin Type

There are three factors that mainly affect the skin type and skin appearance. First and foremost is the water present in the skin. A skin with just the right moisture will appear more firm, which helps in a youthful skin look. The second factor that affects the skin type is how oily it is, which affects the softness of the skin’s surface. And last but not least is the skin’s own sensitivity. Each person has a different skin sensitivity that affects its skin type.

Four Types Of Skin

1. Normal Skin

The normal skin type is the skin that a lot of people want to have. Normal skin is characterized by just enough moisture content, sebum production, and not too oily or not too dry. Some of its major characteristics are barely visible pores, radiant complexion, and no severe sensitivity. This skin type is also known for not having a lot of imperfections and an even skin tone. To maintain normal skin, moisturizing and cleansing are recommended.

2. Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common types of skin that receives dermatologist attention. While this skin type can be caused by an environment that lacks moisture, dry skin can also be inherited through genetics. Its most notable symptoms are the lack of elasticity, rough surface, itchiness, flaking, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To enhance the moisture content of the skin, one of the most popular is the usage of moisturizers. Use cream or ointment moisturizers after bath and reapply as needed. Avoid strong products that can cause the skin to dry as well as taking long hot showers and UV exposure.

3. Oily Skin

What causes oily skin is the overaction of sebaceous glands which is responsible for producing sebum. If the dry skin lacks sebum, people with oilyskin have an excessive amount which makes the skin shiny or greasy, paler, and are prone to acne. This type of skin can be inherited through genetics, but medical conditions such as hormonal change can also be the cause.

Acne treatments can take care of the excess sebum in the skin. It is recommended to wash the face with gentle skin care products and wash it no more than twice a day. Noncomedogenic or products that won’t clog pores are recommended as skin care products.

4. Combination Skin

This is the most common type of skin and is usually characterized by a noticeable mix of oily and dry skin in different areas of the face. In a most specific characterization, people with combination skin have oily skin usually in the forehead, nose, and chin while they have dry skin in the cheeks, mouth, and in the eye areas. Recommended skincare action for this type of skin is the same with oily and dry skin but only applied to the specific areas.

Using The Right Makeup For Each Skin Type

Using makeup products is also a good way to remedy the problems of each skin type. For people who have oily skin, it is best to dry it out before putting makeup products. To achieve this, using a powder is recommended. The powder can help in giving the matte look. However, putting a lot will make the oily skin look too mattified, so moderation is needed. People with dry skin can use a facial oil to moisturize before applying makeup products. A dry oil concentrate is recommended to avoid making the foundation look greasy. Too much application is also not recommended as it will do more harm than good.