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8 Tips to Keeping Your Boyfriend’s Skin and Style In Check

Ladies, we know what it’s like: You have a very handsome boyfriend, who isn’t only a looker, but he also knows how to make you smile. He’s kind and considerate and has all the good traits you’ve been looking for but his style seems to be lacking.

How does someone help their significant other look great and feel great? Some men don’t take much time to pay attention to whether they’re wearing mens fashion t-shirts from Jasper Holland or if they have their hair perfectly styled. Style comes naturally to some people while to others, it takes work. Some men don’t know that skin-care is an important part of maintaining a good appearance.

How To Tell Him

Nobody wants to make their boyfriend feel bad about his looks or hygiene, right? How do you encourage your man to take care of himself without making him feel bad?

Here are our top 8 tips on how you can keep his skin and style in check in a positive and helpful way:

1. Point out a celebrity’s style that you like

You will want to use a celebrity or someone famous to point out a style that you appreciate to your boyfriend. If you mention that you like a friend’s style, this could cause some jealousy, so make sure it’s someone who isn’t connected to your personal life. This can help him to get an idea of what you like and most men will get the subtle hint.

2. Show him great skin care products for men while out at the store

If you live together or spend a lot of time together, you may often find yourself shopping for skincare products at the store with him or while he’s around. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show him some skincare products for men. Saying something like, “Babe, I’m buying this skin moisturizer for myself and I noticed one for men, would you like it?” is a nice and easy way to suggest he starts moisturizing his skin.

3. If you have a trust-filled relationship, ask him if you can stock his toiletry cabinet.

Maybe you don’t even have to ask him before gifting him with a great hair styling crème or a special facial treatment package. You could always surprise him with a gift of skin and hair products or simply stock up your bathroom cabinets with great men’s products. Trust us, he’ll get the hint. Of course, if you’re in a new relationship where you have yet to spend a lot of time at his place, this could be taken as intrusive and overbearing, so consider your personal timeline and relationship before jumping into stocking his toiletry cabinet.

4. Join a gym together

If your significant other would look a bit better with a few pounds less, why not suggest a gym membership together? That way, you’re both getting the benefits without you ever having to tell him that he could lose a few pounds. If not the gym, you could always try sports or classes, or even trail biking. There are many ways to get fit, so why not choose something you could both enjoy together? Not only will your boyfriend be looking better than ever, so will you!

5. Compliment him on the good things

The best way to encourage progress is to appreciate the good he has already. No one responds well to negative criticism, so if you want him to better his hygiene or personal care, why not compliment him on what he’s already doing well. There must be things you’re attracted to him for, so tell him and then see how he goes out of his way to maintain his appearance and improve. Does he wear a red shirt often that looks amazing on him? Let him know! Praise goes a long way.

6. Gift him your favorite male cologne

If you find that he may not smell so great at certain times or doesn’t own cologne, gifting a favorite deodorant or even cologne can be a fantastic way for him to start using some. A guy will typically want to use the cologne his girlfriend gives him, as long as it’s one that you know he will appreciate. For example, if he’s a guy who likes fresh smells, you will want to stay away from the musky ones.

7. Encourage his friends to help him out

He probably has some friends that know how to dress and have great styles. Instead of pointing them out to him-which could lead to some friction-ask them to lightly suggest to him that he pays more attention to his style or skin care. Of course, this depends on the connection you have with them. If you rarely talk to them or aren’t that close, it may be best to choose another way to encourage his self-care routine.

8. Follow male style blogs on Instagram

People in relationships notice what their significant other likes or follows on social media. Or, at least most people do. If you’re the kind of couple that lightly keeps track of his activity on social media, start following and liking accounts and pictures with great men’s fashion tips. This way, he’ll sit up and take notice of what you do and do not like when it comes to style and before you know it, he could start dressing better.

You don’t want to try to change your man, but if you can positively encourage him in the right direction of skin care and style, you’ll be making a “change” for good. A well-dressed man is a confident man and a man who cares about his looks and hygiene is one that people will want to be around. It takes tact and positive encouragement but your boyfriend can start dressing better, styling his hair in a much trendier way, and have handsome and clean skin. Our top 8 tips should help you be able to encourage him to look better and feel better.