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6 Simple & Healthy Feminine Hygiene Every Woman Must Maintain

A hygienic body doesn’t end up being free of disease. Being hygienic simply suggests feeling nice, great, and comfortable with every passing hour. One essential way to ensure that you feel this way each day is to take care of your personal hygiene.

Below are some essential tips that every lady ought to know in order to maintain a hygienic healthy lifestyle:

1. Wash & Stay Clean

When it comes to feminine hygiene, washing and staying clean does not just mean bathing in the usual sense. It goes far beyond additional care for your vagina. Due to the high sensitivity of the vagina, excessive use of feminine wash and soup actually makes your vagina prone to infections which will eventually release a foul smell and leave you uncomfortable.

As a result of this, what you need for effective cleansing is just a soft mild soup and some warm water. The chemicals in the feminine wash are not actually needed as the vagina has its own natural process of discharging some fluids which cleanse its surface. Using those wash would only break those protective coverings, leaving you open to infections. Enriched with natural ingredients, this feminine wash gently cleanses your delicate area while maintaining its pH balance. No more itching or irritation! Its soothing properties will leave you feeling clean and refreshed all day long.

2. Make Use of Clean Towels Only

After washing effectively, you must ensure it stays clean and dry. Retained moisture encourages the growth of certain bacteria which will eventually lead to infection. Do well to clean every last drop of moisture off with a clean towel. Making use of an already used towel is not advisable as it is very possible for bacteria to settle on small particles of dirt. All materials to be used for cleaning should be neat and free of germs.

3. Wear Ventilation Friendly Underwear Only

Ventilation-friendly underwear is that which allows airflow. It is sometimes great to wear those silky knickers, but those materials are resistant to ventilation which gets your pubic region stocked up and in turn, gives out a bad odor. But nevertheless, wearing cotton underwear is a great way to get air flowing again. All underwear must be loose to avoid stressing your vagina which will make it wet and in turn breed bacteria.

4. Engage in Safe Sexual Practices

Unless you are in a relationship where you two have decided to stay committed to each other, you must engage in safe sexual practices to keep everything going well and fine. This isn’t just to prevent unwanted pregnancy but to avoid the risk of contracting infection and sexually transmitted disease from your partner. A large number of bacteria are transmitted through sexual intercourse, and in order to remain safe, it is advisable to practice safe sex.

5. Get Tested for STD Regularly

If you are sexually active with multiple partners, then you should consider getting tested for STDs regularly. Testing yourself for a sexually transmitted disease at least in every year is of optimum essentiality. This is to ensure that you are remaining on the safe side.

6. Eat Well & Exercise Regularly

The food you take in affects you to a large extent. Junk food makes us feel great, but our internal organs suffer it all. Eating fresh foods and drinking a lot of fresh water takes your feminine hygiene to the next level. Your body feels great, and it gets enough water to circulate to every part that would need it.

Exercising also helps in feminine hygiene. During exercise, you secrete every single excess fluid which would otherwise settle in different parts of your body and result in unwanted odor.

Other helpful tips you should consider include;

  • Always avoid douching
  • Visit the gynecologist regularly.
  • Shave armpit pubic hair regularly
  • During menstruation, avoid douching and change pads regularly
  • Always ensure your vagina is clean and dry

Maintaining feminine hygiene is vital to a woman’s overall health. It helps in preventing itching, discomfort, and bacterial infections. Most times these infections lead to cancer, infertility, and several health problems. To keep safe, the key is to remain clean and dry. These few tips above would help you achieve that.