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Why Using Dry Shampoo Is A Good Idea

When you wake up in the morning with a million things on your to-do list, the last thing you want to do is spend hours dealing with your hair. Dry shampoo has become a bathroom essential and makes it quicker and easier to get ready in the morning.

No one likes greasy hair, so the fact that dry shampoo is a solution for that problem is an obvious benefit. But what are some other reasons you should try dry shampoo?

Shampoo Harms the Immune System

While there are many natural liquid shampoos available, they often contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical used in many shampoos that can also be found in carpet cleaners and pesticides.  You might not like the idea of pouring a shampoo containing a toxic substance on your head. Amika dry shampoo is the closest thing to washing your hair without water.

Dry Shampoo Preserves Natural Oils

Liquid shampoo strips hair of its natural oils. These oils are what keep hair healthy, so it is good to avoid washing them away if you can. LA Beauty knows about hair care, so visit their site for more useful advice on this subject. 

It’s Toxin-Free and Nourishing

Many dry shampoos are free of toxins and get rid of the grease without using unhealthy chemicals. They also contain many plant-based nutrients designed to nourish your hair and scalp and leave them healthy and in better condition. Using dry shampoo is safe, it will not harm your body, and it will leave your hair with a healthy shine and bounce.

It Can Save Your Professional Blow-Out

If you’ve just spent a lot of money of professional services at your salon, the last thing you want to do is wash out that fabulous blow-out. Dry shampoo allows you to put off your next shampoo for a few days and keeps your hair fresh and bouncy.

It Can Hide Dark Roots

Dry shampoo lightens hair a little, and women with blonde hair will find that it can hide the appearance of dark roots. When your roots are starting to show, dry shampoo can offer a little camouflage until you can find time to have them touched up at the salon.  

It Slows Down Hair Color Fade

The fastest way to turn your vibrant hair color into a dull washed-out mop is to shampoo it too frequently with sulfate free shampoo. But if you switch to dry shampoo for as many hair washings as possible, you’ll find that your color will last for days and maybe weeks longer without fading.

It’s Convenient

Hair can look limp after a long flight or when you’re heading out on the town right after work.

Dry shampoo is a convenient solution to problems like these. Keep a travel-size bottle in your carry-on bag or purse and there will be no reason your hair can’t look great all day long and in any situation. Another travel-friendly hair product is a shampoo bar, it will surely not leak in your bag or get confiscated by the TSA.

It Can Prevent Heat Damage

Blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons can be very damaging to your hair. Using a dry shampoo gives your locks a chance to recover between washes and protects it from the drying effects of heated appliances. Using dry shampoo even once a week will help nourish your hair, protect it from unnecessary damage, and extend the life of your hair color and salon styling. For those with a busy lifestyle, it might be the most important item to keep in your bag.