serlando rosy pink moisture dew kit review

Instant Natural Pink Lips: Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew Kit Review

I'm sure you haven't heard of this brand yet, but let me introduce them to you

Another day, another brand I’m sure most of you are not yet familiar. It’s because Serlando is a Taiwanese brand that is just starting to expand in some countries like the Philippines. I received two sets of products from them to review, yesterday I reviewed the Bee Perfect Propolis Series, today I’m doing the Serlando Moisture Dew Kit review.


The kit contains two products: first, my favorite, the Rosy Pink Moisture Dew which is a roll-on lip oil-like product that is brightening dullness, repairing, and moisturizing the lips while instantly making it pink-ish. But the color changes depends on your body’s pH level and temperature. Lastly, you can actually use this too in your cheeks, and nipples.

While the second product is the Multi-Purpose Rosy Balm which has three main effects: smoothing fine lines, nourishing and repairing damages, and plump lips. Besides the lips, you can also apply this on your cuticles, elbows, hair ends, or any areas of your body that feels dry.


The Rosy Pink Moisture Dew contains ceremide, hilurlip, rose essential oil, and organic rosehip seed oil. While the Multi-Purpose Rosy Balm contains rose essential oil and organic rosehip seed oil, without paraffin wax. It also has ANTILEUKINE 6 + Vitamin E which have anti-aging benefits.


SCENT: Both have really rosy scent, and no I’m not referring to those rose scents we smell from perfumes. Both of these products have that natural rose scent we smell from a fresh rose.

PACKAGING: Since this is a kit, both of these products are packaged in their cute signature pink & black packaging with a bow which makes it a perfect gift as well.

FORMULA: The Rosy Pink Moisture Dew feels like a lip oil but really lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky. While the Multi-Purpose Rosy Balm feels stick but it also surprisingly feels light though still a little greasy but an oily girl in a humid country could stand it.


Both products are colorless, but only the Rosy Pink Moisture Dew turns pink. Seriously, it’s not like those other lip products that claim to give you a tint depends on your body’s pH level where you cannot really see it show some color. This one actually turns pink fast! I actually love the natural pink look and moisture it gives me. When I just go out for an errand or simple dinner because we’re too lazy to cook at home, I use the Rosy Pink Moisture Dew for an effortless look.

While the Multi-Purpose Rosy balm has been a staple in my purse now, since I often get gel manicure and that can dry my nails due to continues UV light exposure to get that glossy look. So after my manicure or whenever it feels dry, I just take out this balm and apply on all my nails down my entire fingers.

I don’t really have dry lips so I lend both of this to my mom when her lips were cracking while we were shopping. She loves how moisturizing they are and the subtle pink look it gave her, though her only bad feedback is they taste terrible! We were eating ice cream and she tasted something weird, it turns out it was either the moisture dew or multi-purpose balm.

This is the Rosy Pink Moisture Dew only. Since the Multi-Purpose Rosy Balm does not change color.


PROS: The Rosy Pink Moisture Dew is lightweight, non-greasy, and will give you a subtle pink lips that is surely perfect for your skin tone. While the Multi-Purpose Rosy Balm is a convenient product that you can use for instant moisture.

CONS: They taste not that good on the lips, only if you’re wearing it while you eat. If not, you can’t really taste them LOL

Excuse my skin, I just had an anti-acne facial when I shot this. And yes, this is the Rosy Pink Moisture Dew as well on my lips. Can you see the difference?


You can purchase the Rosy Pink Moisture Dew Kit in Serlando for $24.48. You can also purchase them individually. The Rosy Pink Moisture Dew cost $13.68, while the Multi-Purpose Rosy Balm cost $11.88

What do you think of this Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew Kit? Have you tried products similar to any of these before? Share your thoughts below!

**I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand or its affiliates.