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The Acne Patch With Microneedles: Acropass Trouble Cure Review

I love using acne patches, but not all are the same. Some suck out all the gunk overnight, others help with the healing of the acne, while the rest just simply cover the acne to prevent further infection. But all of them have the same flat circular bandage design until I saw this brand that intrigues me the most last year ever since I’ve seen it in Soko Glam founder Charlotte Cho’s Instagram. It’s not only large, but it also has microneedles that will “inject” the ingredients into your pimple to flatten it overnight! Sounds too good to be true? Then scroll down to read my Acropass Trouble Cure review.


Acropass Trouble Cure is a two-step acne treatment made to tackle deep, hard-to-reach hormonal pimples. Step 1 is a Skin Cleanser Pad that contains salicylic acid and tea tree leaf oil to sanitize and treat the bacteria. While Step 2 is the Trouble Cure Patches that use dissolving microstructures (the microneedles) to deliver powerful ingredients deep into the skin for instant absorption. This method ensures that ingredients are sent to where they are most needed without any waste.

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The pads contain Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid that are both acne-fighting ingredients. While the patches contain Niacinamide which a known brightening ingredient, and Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid which is an anti-inflammatory known to promote wound healing. They are both free of fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, and silicone. You can read its full ingredient analysis in CosDNA.


APPLICATION: Acropass Trouble Cure is best used as an overnight treatment. After your cleansing routine, dry the desired area and wipe the inflamed area with the Acropass Skin Cleanser pad. After cleansing, allow the area to dry completely before moving on to the patch. Remove the protective film and apply the patch to the desired area (avoid touching the microneedles!). Lightly press on the patch to secure. Allow at least 2 hours for the treatment to absorb before removing.

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SCENT: The Skin Cleansing Pads has a strong scent of Tea Tree while the Trouble Cure Patches are literally unscented.

PACKAGING: The Acropass Trouble Cure comes in a box that contains 6 cleansing pads and 6 patches. I love that each product are packaged individually and you can easily tear them per piece so you can bring some in your travel kit.


The Skin Cleansing Pads are not sticky, however, it takes a while to set and get absorbed into the skin. It reminds me of the CosRx One Step Pimple Clear Pads but unlike the CosRx, I wasn’t a fan of this pad. The Tea Tree scent is too strong, almost like alcohol, and I have far better anti-acne toners with Salicylic Acid.

Actually, I wasn’t aware that the Acropass Trouble Cure comes with cleansing pads at first, I was only after the acne patches because they have freakin’ microneedles! And according to Soko Glam, “You’ll wake up with a calmed, flattened cystic blemish that will heal faster.” As someone who suffers from hormonal cystic acne, I’m sold! However, it’s not what I expected.

I had this pimple that already turned into a head and usually I use a CosRx Clear Fit Master Patch that sucked out all the gunk when I peel it off the next morning or after just several hours. Then I just put a spot treatment to make sure it is totally gone. But with the Trouble Cure Patches, I left it for the recommended 2 hours and the microneedles were gone as well after I peeled it off, yet my pimple didn’t flatten nor sucked out all the gunk inside. My pimple looks less swollen though it’s still there. You have to use this at least twice. Although, the healing time was a little faster. Instead of the usual 3-5 days, it vanished after 2 days.

I haven’t tried the patches on actual cystic acne though because my skin has been pretty good lately. Though I am not holding my breath, I will update this post when I did. But so far, I am not impressed with the Acropass Trouble Cure.


PROS: Excellent packaging that makes it easy to bring in your travel kit, and it comes with a cleansing pad so no need for a toner. It has microstructures (microneedles) that infuse wonderful ingredients such as niacinamide and hyaluronic acid directly into the acne. For a pimple that already turned into a head, it vanishes/heal after two uses.

CONS: Although it helps heal a pimple a little faster and reduce the swelling, it does not live up to its “overnight” claim. It doesn’t flatten or vanish a pimple overnight.

NOTE: Again, I haven’t tried this on an actual cystic acne yet, but when I do, I’ll update this review.

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You can purchase the Acropass Trouble Cure in Soko Glam for $18 which consist of 6 cleansing pads and 6 patches.

In the Philippines, you can purchase this in Pibu for Php650 for the same kit.

What do you think of this Acropass Trouble Cure review? Have you tried any acne patches? Share your thoughts below!