Where to Buy Japanese Beauty Products in the Philippines?

where to buy japanese beauty products in the philippines

Many are obsessing with the Korean beauty right now, but many are still looking for the OG Asian beauty that introduced Oil Cleansing to the world. Both online and in malls, when you asked for an Asian beauty product they will mostly show you a Korean product. I have nothing against it, but there are certain products that I like that I want to buy from a Japanese brand. So where to buy Japanese beauty products in the Philippines?

Luckily, I’m a good researcher, and found these places below:

1. Hello Japan PH – First learned about this seller from Heart Evangelista. I saw her tagged them in one of her posts and since then I’ve been pre-ordering not only Japanese beauty products from them but also snacks! Besides those, they can also buy luxury products for you that are available in Japan. Recently, they launch a website hellojapanph.com.

2. Oshare PH – I highly recommend this buyer based in Japan. What’s great about them is that they ship to the Philippines and also internationally straight from Japan. Upon writing this, I already ordered a bunch of stuff from them, such as Japanese snacks and BT21 merch from them, including the BT21 EX-L Plushie and the Universal Music Store Limited Edition “BTS, The Best” Album. Check my Instagram or YouTube for unboxing.

3. Nicoco’s Pasabuy – This one is run by my friend, and you can see my testimonial here. They don’t only sell Japanese beauty products, they also sell snacks and preloved luxury handbags from Japan and more. Though take note that all of their stuff is for pre-order.

4. Go Bloom & Glow – This shop does not only have K-beauty brands, but also Japanese beauty brands such as Hada Labo, Kose, and the cult fave DHC. They offer free shipping nationwide and you can use this discount code MARIM60 to get ₱100 OFF for a minimum purchase of ₱1000, single-use only. They’re also available in Shopee.

5. Kanna Beauty – This one is a Shopee seller, and this is where I got my Rohto Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence which is a cult fave among beauty enthusiasts. Their products are all from Japan and they have almost everything you can find in Japanese drugstores, such as Rohto, Hada Labo, Daiso, DHC, and countless collagen supplements.

6. Sakura Beauty Hub – I recently discovered this seller while I was looking for Biore UV Watery Essence and Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen for me and my mother that are around Greater Manila Area only. Since the shipping will be faster if the seller is near me during the lockdown. Anyway, the items are legit, the same as those I bought in Japan and Watsons, and besides Japanese beauty products, they also have beauty supplements and snacks.

7. The Skincare Curator – This is where I bought my Hada Labo products, although their selection of Japanese products is few since the majority of their stocks are Korean brands and some The Ordinary products. They are also available in Shopee.

8. BeautyMNL – This is the biggest online beauty shop in the Philippines, of course, they do have Japanese beauty products as well. Even the photo I used above is from this store too. Some brands they sell are Biore, RMK, Suqqu, and more.

9. Yes Style – This online shop isn’t based locally, but they offer free shipping to the Philippines. And compared to all the shops I mentioned in this post, this one has the widest selections even those new releases are available here. Also, you can use this discount coupon ALYSSA12 to get 5% off your first purchase and 2% off your future orders.


1. Watsons – They are really improving their Asian beauty brand selections. Right now they have Majolica Majorca, Canmake, Kate Tokyo, Dolly Wink, K-Palette, and Biore. You can also find their products on their official online store and official Lazada page.

2. Beauty Bar – This store both has an online and physical store, and since early 2018, they have already added Asian beauty brands to their selections. The majority of those are Korean beauty brands but for Japanese brands, they currently have Lululun and Farirydrops. Recently, they also launched their official Lazada page.

So far these are the places I know where to buy Japanese beauty products in the Philippines, and as always, I will update this post whenever I find a new one.

**Featured photo from BeautyMNL.com