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Scissors that Suit All Hairstyling Techniques

As a professional hairdresser, what’s the first thing that you consider when creating a beautiful hairstyle for your customer? Isn’t it, finding the right pair of scissors that can suit any hairstyle? Remember that whether you are doing a simple hair cut or a complicated hairstyle, you need the best scissors that can perform the task efficiently.

Therefore, you require exceptional skills when choosing the right pair of scissors. However, the choosing task can be difficult for new hairdressers as they may not know the scissors with the best features.

This article will, therefore, point out the guidelines that will help you select scissors that suit all hairstyling techniques.

1. Consult a professional stylist

More often than not, experts in the same line of career know each other and their services. Most professional hairdressers and stylists know the perfect scissors for all styles. Hiring professional salon consultants through can also help get you on the right track in terms of stocking the right items you need. Therefore, consulting them will be a significant step in getting the right hairdressing Scissors that can be suitable for all haircuts required by your clients. Remember that making your clients happy should come first.

2. Request for a demo

After consulting a scissor expert, you will know the best trader. However, upon visiting the company that sells the scissors, don’t just buy and walk away. It’s advisable that you ask for a demo on how the different pairs available function. Thus, you can make the right choice depending on the demo.

3. Consult the trader on the relationship between the scissor’s size and the styles you want to perform

The scissors sizes differ depending on the hairstyle that they make. Remember that some scissors have shorter blades while others have long edges depending on the tasks. Therefore, it’s always good to ask the trader about the different sizes and the quality of their work. With that information, you can comfortably purchase the best scissors that can suit all the hairstyling techniques.

4. Consult on the cost

The expert that you will ask about the quality of scissors will probably know the pros and cons of using both the expensive and cheap scissors. Remember that in most cases, the material used to make these scissors differ and that’s where the difference in cost comes in.

If the material used to make the blade is the best steel, then the quality of its cutting will be high as well as the cost. Therefore, if you buy the cheapest pair of scissors in this case, you might end up incurring another cost as you try to buy the right pair for different hairdressing techniques.

5. Ensure you buy the scissors from traders with after sales services

Always remember to ask the company where you are buying whether they have after sales support. Even though you are an experienced hairdresser, you might not be familiar with all the hairstyle techniques that the scissors can perform. Therefore, it is essential if they can train you on the styles that the scissors you bought can accomplish.

Additionally, the scissors require special care. Thus, ask the seller on the vital tips on how to service your scissors for better performance.

Bottom line

As you have seen above, not all scissors can be suitable for all hairstyling techniques. The differences in blade size and brand determine the hairstyles that your scissors can perform. Therefore, it’s essential to consult a professional hairdresser and scissors experts to know the perfect pair for different hairstyles. However, even as you follow the above guidelines, don’t forget to buy scissors with a warranty of more than one year.