15 Best Food For Skin Whitening Naturally

best food for skin whitening

Your skin is very fragile and requires a lot of attention. Considering it is easily exposed to so many pollutants, harsh sunlight, and numerous other chemicals, it is important to take care of it accordingly. Sometimes, you suffer from dark spots, blemishes, sunburn, or tans that are hampering your skin’s glow and softness. In order to retain your original complexion or lighten it, there are different routes you can take.

However, it is understandable if you vary of all those different products in the market that claim to improve your skin and whiten it. As mentioned, your skin is delicate and you want to limit the chemicals applied to it. In that case, natural ingredients and methods are the way to go. You suddenly remember all those home remedies your mum advised but you barely remember. Well, no worries!

Here are 15 foods that would serve best for skin whitening. A lot of these can be used in combination with one another to form your own natural masks, scrubs, and pastes to get that perfect glow. A lot of them are available in your house right now if you want to try one out at the earliest.

1. Potatoes

You love them whether they come in the form of mashed potatoes or french fries. But did you know this vegetable is also very beneficial for whitening your skin? If you suffer from any dark spots or blemishes, potatoes will help remove those red marks you worry about and lighten your skin tone. Just take a potato, slice it up and place those slices onto your skin for 15 minutes. After that, just take them off and rinse.

Potato juice also helps to give the skin a more luminous appearance, making it appear brighter and more radiant.  It was used in India and China for thousands of years in beauty treatments.  As well as lightening the skin, a potato has anti-inflammatory properties so it’s also able to reduce redness and inflammation.  It’s very simple to make your own skincare products at home using potatoes.  Check out these great recipes for using potato juice to lighten your skin.

2. Green Tea

Polyphenol is a strong antioxidant that is abundant in tea. And whereas you may think tea may darken your skin, research says otherwise. Not only does it reduce the skin complexion, but serving as a flavonoid also makes it wonderful to fight against cell damage. Other than its fat-burning properties, you will find yourself with lighter skin if you simply add 2 cups of green tea into your day.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is quite common and frequently recommended to lighten your skin as it simultaneously helps to erase those dark spots and blemishes. Giving your skin a healthy glow and removing free radicals allows for a fairer complexion than before.

You can either simply use lemon juice with water for your skin or amp things up and add honey as well as almond oil to the mix for a nice paste. Apply the paste to your skin and keep it on for 20 minutes before washing it off.

4. Almonds

If you want to get rid of a tan, almonds just might do the trick for you. It helps improve your skin’s elasticity so say goodbye to wrinkles and smoother skin. Meanwhile, its abundance in Vitamin C also aids in boosting your collagen levels which leave your skin glowing. Just put in a few almonds in the water to soak and once they have, mash them up and add two tablespoons of milk. You will find yourself with a nice thick paste. Apply it before sleeping and wash it off with cold water in the morning.

5. Dark Chocolates

This is good news for sure. If you are a chocolate lover but steered clear to protect your skin, you can take a sigh of relief. Dark chocolate can definitely be beneficial for you if you take it in the right amounts. Of course, the extremity of any kind is bad. However, if you take maybe a square of dark chocolate every day, you will understand why chocolates are known as one of the best antioxidants out there – rich in flavonoids and polyphenols. So your skin complexion, UV resistance, and texture all get a major glow up!

6. Honey

Honey is notably one of the most beneficial natural foods provided by mother nature. It serves as a brilliant moisturizer for your skin just like HydraLyft does while also helping in removing those pesky blemishes and dark spots. Honey usually leaves your skin smoother and softer. It also helps get rid of dead skin cells and improves your overall complexion. Mix the honey with some lime juice and milk, then apply the paste to stay on for 30 minutes before washing it off. And voila!

7. Milk

This food is commonly used in combination with the rest of these foods often. That itself is proof of how important milk is for your skin. The white liquid you probably loathe is actually amazing for your skin and complexion due to its abundance of vitamins, calcium, and essential fats. So stop running away and gulp down that glass of milk for lighter skin.

8. Fish

If you are looking to whiten your skin, remove tans and blemishes, then consume fish. This protein supplement contains Omega 3 fatty acids in its oil alone which have an overall amazing effect on your entire body. Your luscious locks will thicken and your skin will glow. Other than that, the fact that fish contains Zinc also proves beneficial in preventing aging and aiding in the moisturizing of your skin.

9. Soybean

Being a very important source of nutrients and isoflavone, Soybeans are helping improve the elasticity of your skin and the overall complexion as well towards a lighter tone. Soybean milk or tofu can be wonderful if you wish to include soybeans into your everyday diet because the anti-oxidant properties in this food will definitely help you grow.

10. Oranges

This antioxidant and delicious fruit is often used to help improve the glow and lighten the complexion of your skin. While it is very yummy, it is also very beneficial as it removes the dark spots and free radicals from your skin. You can make a paste of 2 tablespoons of dried orange peels and 3 tablespoons of curd to apply on your face and neck. Keep it on for 30 minutes before washing it off and notice the difference.

11. Papaya

Papaya is abundant with different vitamins and also contains a special enzyme Papain which aids in the removal of impurities. Of course, it would make sense why so many experts recommend the use of Papaya for your skin’s benefits. You can either apply a homemade paste onto your skin comprising of papaya, curd, and lime juice or drink some papaya milk.

12. Tomatoes

Serving as one of the richest sources of antioxidants, Tomatoes gets rid of a lot of acne and excess oil on your skin. It also aids in protecting you from the sun and is beneficial in treating sunburn as well. Tomatoes remove the dullness and dark spots from your skin to give it a cleaner and lighter glow. You can make your own scrub out of Tomatoes by using its juice with some sugar and massaging your face with the paste. Rinse it off after 5 minutes of massaging your skin and there you go.

13. Yogurt

Yogurt is often included in different products that aim to lighten your skin and give it a softer touch. The richness of nutrients found in this food allows it to be a top candidate for superfoods and different face masks aimed at lightening your skin complexion. You can mix in a bit of turmeric with yogurt to apply to your face. This mixture is used often to lighten skin and give it an awesome glow.

14. Oatmeal

You always hear that you should exfoliate. Well, Oatmeal is that natural food that would be perfect to do that job. Exfoliation allows the removal of dead skin and allows your skin to glow with a lighter complexion. Thus, the use of oatmeal can be utilized with tomatoes for a gentle paste that you can wash off after 20 minutes of application.

15. Red fruits

Red fruits often include pumpkins and carrots. Other than being absolutely delicious, they contain a lot of benefits. Carrots are most notably known for their vision-enhancing properties but they can be great for your skin too.

Red fruits are brilliant for the resistance against the harmful UV rays your skin is exposed to every day. Red fruits contain phytochemicals and carotene in abundance which help in this battle against the sun. Moreover, they help in keeping your skin’s original complexion but if used regularly, they can help whiten your skin.

And there you have it! These were the 15 foods that you can use to whiten your skin. All-natural and all easy, just for you. The best thing is that majority of them can be found very easily even in your home and are not expensive at all. So if you worry about spending too much on all those skincare products, maybe you can shift to mother nature for some help.

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