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Beauty Must-Haves for Traveling

When traveling, you have to make the difficult choice of what to carry and what to leave behind.  For the sake of your skin, beauty products are essential, and you will most likely have to buy them once you get to your destination. Often, this creates extra expenses you don’t need considering you still have to find Alcatraz tickets for sale. You could save your pockets and your skin a lot of trouble by packing a few beauty and skin care essential before heading out for your trip.


Whether you are traveling to a hot or cold place, moisturizing is a must. If you are traveling by air, a moisturizer should be in your carry-on at all times. A study showed that airplane air dries out the skin more than regular air so moisturizing is non-negotiable to prevent chapping. That post flight tightness that you feel after getting off the plane is mostly caused by skin dehydration. You can opt to clean your skin and apply some moisturizer or mix some moisturizer and water in a spray bottle then spray on the skin from time to time.
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Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

It’s a lifesaver that should never miss in your bag when traveling. It comes in handy when you don’t have access to soap and water. It’s an easy way to kill germs leaving your hands fresh and clean. Wipes come in handy when you want to clean off stains, and dirt from your hands and makeup. Get a hand sanitizer that has some essential oils for the sake of your skin. However, if you can’t get that, it is best to remember to moisturize your hands when you sanitize them.

Face and Body Sunscreen

Whether or not your moisturizer has SPF, it is best to have extra sunscreen especially if you are going to spend some time under the sun. Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun as well as the unsightly darkening of the skin. The best sunblock has SPF of at least 30 which you should use after moisturizing. Remember to properly work the sunscreen into your skin before going out to keep the skin well protected.

Hair Care Products

Everyone has their trusted brand of shampoo and conditioner they use. You may not find it where you will be traveling to which is why you should consider carrying your hair care products. In case you have a huge bottle that is too bulky to carry, buy some plastic containers that you can find at your local drugstore. Depending on where you are going you may also need some dry shampoo. It is helpful in situations where you can’t access water, or you don’t want to wash your hair daily. Remember to include your favorite hair oil or gel since you want to maintain that shiny, silky look.

Razors, nail clippers, and nail file

You don’t have to look rugged just because you’re on the road. Pack your favorite razor some nail clippers and if you can fit something for your beards carry that too. You will save yourself trips to the nail spa and barber. What’s more, the quality of service is different depending on the country. Before you can find your new favorite spa, you need to keep yourself together. These tools will help you do that.

Facial Cleansers and Masks

Whenever you travel to a new place whether, for business or leisure, you will likely do a bit of touring. That means coming into contact with dust, smoke, and sweat.  The trauma it brings to your skin can do a lot of damage in a short period. A great facial cleanser is the perfect weapon to keep your skin glowing and looking healthy.  So, after a day of exploring, you can clean all the dirt out. For luxurious treatment of your skin even on-the-go a moisturizing mask is the exploit your skin needs. If you are away for long, you may also need a facial scrub to get rid of dead skin and leave your face feeling smooth.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can check out some home-made masks. They are easy to make and effective and keep your skin healthy and aerated.

Lip balm and Scrub

Dry, chapped lips are not only unsightly, but can be painful if not tended to correctly. That is why you need a small tub of lip scrub and balm to apply after getting rid of that dead dry skin. Choose an excellent moisturizing and restoring balm that will help your lips look and feel great.

Insect Repellent

If you are traveling to tropical areas, insect repellent is a must-have. Mosquitoes, in particular, can be annoying and can leave you with irritating and itchy bites all over your skin. If you have any experience with repellents, then you know they don’t always do what they promise. When shopping be sure to check the reviews especially from people who have traveled to the tropics, so you know which one to get.


May seem like a simple thing but having good deodorant is essential. It is a vital every day essential. It will ensure you remain fresh as you move up and down. It is best if you use a spray deodorant rather than a roll-on since it prevents collecting and running bacteria which may cause an infection on your skin.

Makeup Bag

Even when traveling or vacationing you may sometimes have when you have to be all glammed. Whether it is for a night out or formal dinner date, that makeup bag will ensure you have everything you need to look marvelous. You don’t have to carry everything since that will only add on to your luggage carry the bare minimum. You’ll be surprised at what some simple foundation, powder, eye pencil, mascara, and lipstick can do.

Many people forget to take care of themselves when they travel, and that is wrong. That is why you may get back from vacation feeling tired and looking even worse. Remember to carry those critical things you need to take care of yourself. Don’t forget to treat yourself well when traveling so if you can get a massage and spend some time in the sauna and your body will thank you for it.